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Benefits of Using an IT Staffing Agency

If you’re a manager responsible for hiring, have you ever been frustrated by a new hire not fitting your criteria? Not to mention the effort required to interview and onboard the promising candidate. The problem for hiring managers is the time it takes to review resumes, interview candidates, and negotiate salary. Staffing agencies are well-equipped to handle your recruitment and hiring.

More than 14 million employees are offered career opportunities by contingent staffing firms each year. This is a leading method for professionals to find work in their chosen field. 90% of growth companies don’t have the resources to manage the entire process of finding the right candidate. Staffing companies are often used to find the perfect candidates for temporary, contract, and permanent positions. A common misconception about staffing firms is that they are more expensive. But, if you look at all the costs and benefits, it’s possible to eliminate these costs by using better candidates and taking shorter time to fill.

Seven Essential Benefits of Working with IT Staffing Agencies

Large talent network: Staffing companies have an ever-growing and established network of talent. According to the terms of your contract, some agencies perform background checks and verify references. Agency training can be provided for specific industries in some cases. They have a large number of employees who are qualified to respond quickly.

Faster hiring. The job market is improving, which means that candidates are now in charge of hiring. This makes the process of hiring more complicated than normal. Because there are more options for employees, and it is harder to fill open positions, it can take longer than traditional. Employers are at risk due to the IT skills shortage challenge.

Cost effective: Finding the right candidate for your open job is difficult and costly. If your company’s average salary is 1 to 3.5x the salary of the employee, the total cost of training and producing a full-time employee at peak performance will be anywhere from $1 to $3.

Employer liability reduced: It’s not as simple as it used be to be. There are now more than 2000 labor laws that employers must adhere to. In 1980, there were just 125 labor laws. Employers with at least one employee are now subject to the Affordable Care Act. Employing an agency takes the company out of the danger.

Qualitative of Hire: An agency will help reduce stress and take away the element surprise. Candidates you choose to interview are those who have the highest qualifications for the position. Regardless of how large your company is, few hiring executives have the time to read through every resume and choose the most qualified candidates to interview.

Minimize risk. Another responsibility that staffing agencies have is to find qualified candidates for the position. You can offer the candidate permanent employment after they’ve been trained.

Expertise. Staffing agencies have the resources and time to keep up-to-date on the latest trends in recruiting. This allows for a stronger connection between potential candidate and employer. It is natural to get insight from working with diverse personalities and corporate cultures.

Employers may have no other options, but staffing agencies offer them many possibilities. This includes the ability to adjust your workforce to meet the demand without the associated costs of employee turnover. Employers are able to recognize the value of a diverse workforce and can now focus on more productive operations.

This is what we recommend to staffing agencies when hiring. It is important to work with an agency which views you as a partner rather than just another client. One that values the candidates it sends and represents. Do your research to ensure the agencies that you have selected will be a true asset to your company. Make sure the agency has proper worker’s insurance and liability coverage.