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The Advantages of Vaping Kits & Pods

If you’ve been searching for an alternative vape kit to purchase recently, you might have come across disposable vape kits being offered as an alternative. While these kits are fantastic for those who are just beginning to learn and who are looking for a small, portable gadget, there’s alternative vape kits that offer a similar and, in some cases, better vaping experience, but at less than the cost all-in.

If you’ve never heard of disposable nicotine devices or would like to learn more about them, find out more information here.

This article offers a comprehensive examination of the disposable kits for vaping and also compares them to other pod kit options that are available, while highlighting the best vape kits to help you enjoy and get the most from your vaping experience.

Advantages of Disposables

Disposable devices offer a wealth of advantages to vapers, particularly for those looking to stop smoking and transition to a healthier way of smoking. Below, we will provide a brief overview and explanation on the advantages disposable vape kits offer.

Simple and simple to utilize

Disposable devices are extremely simple to use, with no coils, buttons, or settings to be concerned about. Due to their simplicity, disposables are great choice for novice vapers. They offer an easy way to get to vaping that is perfect for those who are just beginning their journey and could serve as a decent starting kit for many.

No Maintenance

As we have mentioned the disposable devices don’t contain any coils or replacement components to worry about. the convenience of disposables means that there is no requirement to maintain them. When they reach the time when the battery or e-liquid going out, it’s the time to get rid of it.

Large Selection

With the rise in the popularity of portable vape kit kits that are disposable, the flavors available are now able to meet the preferences of the majority of vapers. These devices can be purchased with menthol, tobacco, fruit and dessert e-liquids available to choose from.

More affordable (up the front)

Vape kit kits that are disposables can be among the most affordable e-cigarettes in the market right immediately. If you’re in search of a reasonable priced ‘pick-up and go’ e-cigarette , disposable devices like those you’ll find from Relx Australia are ideal for you but as you’ll see below, they’re not cheap over the long term and there are other products which offer a better value for money.

Pros and Cons of Disposables

Although disposable devices offer the most cost-effective and simple method to start vaping however, there are a number of disadvantages to using disposables at the bigger perspective. Here we will highlight the disadvantages of vape kits that are disposable.

Inefficient (lifespan)

The clue is in the name. When you think of disposable e-cigarettes They are designed for use in the future and their longevity isn’t as close to the other re-chargeable pod kits that are available. Since they last only around 500 puffs (equivalent 20 cigarettes) Many former smokers consummate an e-cigarette that is disposable every day, which is not green if they are it is disposed of in general garbage.


One of the major drawbacks of electronic devices that are disposable is that they’re not rechargeable. Apart from only offering only one charge, you’ll not know the amount of charge remains on the device, and it could be short. It’s also typical for disposable batteries in e-cigarettes to last longer than the remaining e-liquid and there’s nothing you can do about it.


Another major drawback to disposables is that they are not able to refill them. In addition to not being able recharge the device at all when your e-liquid is been consumed or the battery has run out, it’s time to throw away the device. It also means that when you buy a device that has an e-liquid that you aren’t too keen on, you won’t be able to change the flavor without replacing the whole device.

Less Options

While there is always a new improvement with the flavors of e-liquid offered in disposable devices there are still less options than when buying e-liquid on its own and using via a battery-powered vape kit. The flavors available are typically the most popular flavors among vapers but they might not be the ones you favourite(s).

Expensive (long run)

As we’ve already mentioned Vape kits that are disposable can be a cost-effective alternative in the short-term however, if you’re vaping often, the expense can be much higher than the price if you vape using a pod kit that recharges and All In One (AIO) kits. If you intend to vape for a long time, we strongly suggest looking at alternatives to disposable kits.