The list of items that you’ll require when you’re adopting the first kitten or cat can be overwhelming. Food, beds toy, nail clippers products for grooming your cat and a scratching post… It’s an overwhelming list. Let’s take the scratching posts as an illustration. If you buy pet supplies online there are scratching posts of a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. With all the options available it’s easy to make the wrong decision. But, picking the best scratching post for your cat is more crucial than you might believe.

Cats need a method to reduce their desire to scratch, and having an appropriate post will help keep your carpet, furniture and drapery from getting destroyed. Cats also use scratchers to stretch and exercising, which is why having the right post is essential for your cat’s health and wellbeing. Here’s the way a scratching board can be beneficial to your cat.

Scratching helps eliminate the outer Coating of the Nails

Technically speaking, cats don’t scratch to make their claws sharper. In the outer layer of cats’ nails are fresh, healthy fully grown, sharp nails. Since cats don’t have a method of cutting the nails of their own, they’ve come up with their own method of getting the task accomplished. The reason for this is that it assists cats in getting their nails returning to their sharpness.

The sharpness of nails is essential for cats since they cut through wood and other objects when they try to climb up places that are difficult to jump from. Cats can leap extremely high, however their ability to use claws to climb things like fences or tree trunks is awe-inspiring. Cats also utilize their nails as weapons in hunts and catch and hold on to prey. Scratching keeps their claws sharp, which allows them to climb up after and maintaining a firm grip upon their target.

Cats scratch and sniff to mark Their Territories

Cats are smelty with scent glands on their claws. When they knead they release their scent on the object they are making a scent, they identify their area of territory. If cats scratch their scents are released onto the object that was scratched which helps identify their boundaries. Scratching has an added advantage to marking the territory which kneading does not. Scratching can help cats mark their area of residence.

A Stress Relieving Mechanism for Cats

Cats usually place their claws on top of the post and drag them when they scratch the post. There are numerous motions that take place in the body of the cat prior to scratching occurs. The stretching process helps improve the flow of blood to muscles, which improves the cat’s flexibility, movement range and helps relieve stress. The cat’s scratching ritual can help felines to relax, and keep their anxieties at lower levels.

What is the best cat Scratching Post?

The most common mistake that cat owners make is picking an article that is appealing to their cats, instead of contemplating what cats enjoy. A little bit of knowledge can go far in determining the best article to suit your pet. It is important to select the post from your cat’s perspective. The primary characteristics to be looking for in the right cat scratching posts are:

Strength and size
Excellent material to scratch
Many different surfaces and materials
Horizontal and vertical surfaces

Cats Love Tall Scratching Posts

Pick a post that’s high enough for your cat to fully extend when scratching. She should be able stretch her body to the max and pull her back and shoulder muscles, which are healthy for her and improves her flexibility.

Cats need sturdy scratching posts

The durability that the posts are made of is vital importance due to a variety of reasons. If the cat scratcher moves, your cat won’t utilize it. This is among reasons why cats love scratching at couches and dressers because they are so sturdy. A wobbly post may be dangerous Your cat is aware of this. A post that is unstable could flip over and land on your cat. Thirdly, the higher your post is, the safer it must be. Cats are at risk of being wounded or even killed due to a huge scratching post that’s unstable and falling onto them. Therefore, you should seek out posts with heavy bases.

Cats Prefer Sturdy Materials

Cat scratching post models in wide variety of materials. But the majority aren’t appealing to cats. You might want to think about buying a post that has an exterior that differs from the one you have at home, for instance carpet. Cats may not be able to comprehend the reason why it’s acceptable to scratch the carpeting within the post, but it’s not allowed on your floor. The carpet isn’t as rough and the loops are likely to grab their claws and tug on their toes. Sisal fabric is a great alternative to think about. It’s a durable fabric that feels wonderful on cats, and shreds under its claws, in a pleasing manner.