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Why Do We Give Birthday Cards To One Another?

Nowadays it’s easy to send a birthday message on Facebook or Whatsapp may seem like the more convenient option than sending an individual a physical greeting card, but by sending them an online message you’re not really understanding the essence of the message about. We are becoming reliant on technology in our day-to-day lives and use it to communicate regularly with people. But this doesn’t mean that you have to send your family members or acquaintances an anonymous email card.

A birthday card that is personalized is a wonderful idea to add to a present (or a solo recognition of the birthday) personalized to the person, you can also include a handwritten message to send them a happy day. Personalization is what’s missing from an online post. No matter what your online post says the message will never correspond to what you might have written in a card.

A physical card also shows that you have spent the effort and time to shop around and buy it for them, instead of just sending them a text message via an iPhone – which could look as though they had forgotten about their birthday until they were reminded of it on the day.

If you’re not alerted to their birthday via an Facebook announcement, you must try and get ahead of the pack by gifting them a physical card. When you buy a card, it proves that you’ve considered the person you are buying it for, taking note of the design of card and message within it. With the many styles of cards on the market There is bound to be one that matches the person to a T.

A thoughtful gift it is a gift that can be looked at for decades to come. In the midst of time, you could examine a birthday card from relatives that have since passed away , or from friends that are no longer in your life. A sweet reminder of each birthday that you have to celebrate, it’s an injustice not to reciprocate the gesture when it comes time for your birthday celebration for your loved one. We tend to take our beloved ones for granted and then regret the lack of physical objects we’ve acquired of them to keep them by – which is where a birthday card can be a great gift.

Yes, a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Whatsapp message might remain on your timeline forever, but is it really a sign that you took the time to remember your birthday? Even if it’s a lengthy message with lots of emojis, they don’t live with the excitement they will get from opening the gift you’ve made the effort to send. If it is delivered prior to or on the day of their birthday, it will undoubtedly put a smile on their face – that is something that a text message cannot replicate.

Facebook or other messaging apps may be suitable for people who you’re not great friends with, but it isn’t a good idea to use it for people whom you are truly attached to. If a loved one’s birthday is coming up, start thinking about buying the birthday card.

The history of birthday cards

Greeting cards have been around since the ancient Chinese and Egyptian time, and were means of expressing kindness to those who were in their vicinity. Since greeting cards in China being composed of handwritten greetings and Egyptian wishes written on a papyrus roll before it was time for the custom to be popular across countries. Developing from the traditional New Year’s card through birthdays, Easter, Valentines and even birthdays, it was the initial way of marking an occasion before gifts were given. Early in the 15th century, this new way of celebrating special occasions came into Europe and quickly evolved into the present.

The very first birthday card to be delivered is not known. But it’s evident that through the years this tradition has evolved to become an important pastime no matter if it’s your loved one’s 1st or 100th birthday. A common thing in many countries It’s a custom that shouldn’t die out. Even though writing on someone’s Facebook wall might seem tempting.

The first stamp for postage was issued in 1840 and with the advances in printing, birthday cards began to be sent out not only across the country , but around the world.

Why else do we send Birthday Cards?

Sending birthday cards can be a method of communication. It’s clear that as you grow older and get older, you’ll not be able to see certain relatives as often as you did in the past. Everybody goes on their own, whether it’s a case of going abroad or just some distance from your home. When you receive a card from a friend or relative is a sign that they are still thinking of your birthday. Despite no longer being 5 now, you’re still worth an enormous amount to them. Being in touch with them is a must and the gift of a birthday card is one of the ways to retain the bond that you have with them.

They also give an authentic touch. Personalised cards can be a more meaningful greeting than a simple Facebook post – something anyone can make at the touch of a button.