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4 Reasons to Apply for an Australian Partner Visa

The Partner Visas available in Australia allow spouses or de facto (same or opposite sexual orientation) couples to come to and stay legally in Australia with their spouse. If you’re in a genuine, committed relationship with someone who is not from Australia or a non-Australian Australian Citizen, Australian permanent resident, or a New Zealand Citizen and so on, there are many options available to you as well as your de facto or spouse as part of the partner visa program.

Our team of registered Migration Agents and Lawyers located nationally and internationally are specialists in Australian spouse (spouse) as well as de facto visas. They can help determine your ability to qualify for a partner visa with a speedy, professional and cost-effective way. We have assisted many of our clients prepare de facto and partner visa applications that comply with the requirements of the Department for Home Affairs’ (DOHA).

Here are the top five reasons to apply for a 配偶移民 visa today;

Access To Medicare

Applying for a visa to partner will also mean that applicants are qualified to enroll in Medicare in the event that their application for permanent residence in Australia has been submitted. The applicants need to provide the following information to prove their eligibility to join Medicare:

acknowledgement of the application received from department of home affairs. Department of Home Affairs
Bridging visa Grant notification sent from Department of Home Affairs Department of Home Affairs

The acknowledgment of acceptance of the application and the bridging visa grant notification will be sent automatically to the applicant’s immigration agent after the application is submitted. The migration agent will send these forms to the person who submitted the application, which allows the applicant to be enrolled immediately in Medicare and gain access to the numerous advantages offered to them by the Australian health system.

One Visa Application Charge

A partner visa can be used for both the permanent and temporary visa simultaneously and applicants only pay one application fee to apply for a government visa for both applications. In certain situations applicants are eligible to receive the permanent visa as soon as they have received the temporary visa based what the specifics of the relationship at the time of application. A licensed migration agent is able to offer Partner visa assistance to applicants who are unsure of their eligibility to get permanent visa along with the temporary visa, but this is only possible if certain conditions are met once the application is filed. It is vital to seek assistance from a partner visa in submitting an application if aren’t sure, since a migration professional might be able to determine that you are already eligible for the permanent visa. This could reduce the time to wait by months.

Unlimited Work Rights

The process of applying an application for a partnership visa in Australia has many benefits to applicants, including the possibility of working without restriction. After the application for the partner visa has been submitted and approved, you will receive the bridging visa A, which allows applicants to work in unlimited ways. The process of applying for a partner visa implies that you will not be restricted in the number of employers you can work for as well as you must adhere to any requirements in relation to the length of your work. This is particularly important for those who are nearing the expiration on their work permits, which have to comply with certain conditions that require them to perform the occupation that the visa was issued. Bridging A visas that is issued as a result of the partner visa application doesn’t impose the same requirements and applicants are not limited to the type of job they want to work in. This allows applicants to enjoy a great deal of freedom of choice and allows you to enjoy the diverse and enriching work culture of Australia without limiting your rights to work.

Secure and Reliable

The process of applying for a visa to partner is a secure and reliable way to secure permanent residency in Australia because it permits applicants to reside as well as work within Australia while the application process is in progress. There is no requirement that applicants leave Australia at any time. Nor is it required that they meet any work or study obligations however, they are given the liberty to live as well and perform their work within Australia at their own discretion. While they wait they are waiting for the approval on their application for permanent residence.

The ability to apply for a partner visas provides the security and assurance of applicants, as they don’t have to be dependent on the performance of their employer to be sponsored, nor are they being subject to the same visa requirements that other visitors to Australia. Candidates for a visa to partner are assured that they’ll remain on their bridging visa until the application is approved and offers a secure and reliable route to permanent residency.

Conditions to Apply for the Partner Visa

You will be living within Australia in the moment you request this visa.
You’re onshore in Australia in the moment that your Partner visa is issued.
Pay for one government visa application fee for the permanent and temporary visa
Accept all legal standards as stipulated by Australian law.
Continue to fulfill the criteria for a partner visa 2 years following the date of lodgement
Conduct the necessary health exams (your agent who is a migrant will tell you whether this is required)
You must obtain the required police clearances from each country where you’ve been for more than 12 months within the past 10 years (your immigration agent will provide advice when it is required)

It is essential to get assistance for the partner visa from a seasoned migration agent can help you avoid much anxiety and time, but also cash. What people don’t know is that the majority of needed documents needed for the application of a partner visa are subject to an expiry date and in order to avoid costly costs for rearranging the same paperwork It is recommended to seek out a migration expert to help you in determining the best time to apply.