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Benefits of Car ECU Remapping

We’ve provided thousands of remaps, and we have the expertise to know what is the best time to redo your vehicle. This means we are aware ECU reconfiguration can bring many benefits: then again, it shouldn’t shock you to learn that a remapping service is telling you that. It’s a matter of whether the remapping process worth it?

Contrary to some of our competitors We believe that it is vital that our clients are in a position to make an informed decision. We’ve put together this blog for you to determine if the remap you want is worthwhile for you.


The number of kilometers has the car driven?

If your vehicle has logged more than 150,000 miles, there’s a chance that a remap will not be worthwhile. While you will see improvements in power, both terms of horsepower and torque however, at this point in its life cycle it will be losing a lot of the power it had initially. That means the power gains from your remap may not reach the initial values of the vehicle.

What year was the car you own made?

It is not the case that every vehicle has an OBD port that can be connected to which can make swapping the ECU extremely challenging. While every modern vehicle will have one, the same does not apply to vehicles manufactured prior to 2000.

Is your vehicle still within warranty from the manufacturer?

If you have remapped your car and you are still in the manufacturer’s warranty period, it may not be the right choice for you. In the event of any electronics fault, the first step taken by the producer of the vehicle is to query the ECU so they’ll be able detect your modification. This means that the vehicle warranty will be cancelled.

To your knowledge, has your car ever been subjected to a remap or any other adjustments made to it in the past?

If your vehicle was subject to a previously remapped or had other modifications made to it, we are unable to make it a new map. This is due to the fact that we don’t know what previous remaps and modifications might have caused and the chance of an issue occurring is increased.


Dead spots in acceleration are reduced.

The primary benefit of a remap would be that it smooths out dead spots within your vehicle’s power curve. This ensures you will have the immediate response whenever you press the accelerator. This will make driving more comfortable and safer therefore if you’ve been through the experience of dead spots in your acceleration curve, we cannot recommend a remap too strongly!

Power increase

Remaps can increase the amount of horsepower you can get from your engine, all while staying well within safety margins. Manufacturers of vehicles deliberately de-tune their engines for marketing reasons and allow them to design several different models of the same car. Our remap will simply allow the vehicle to access the power is locked by the maker to make the most of the engine.

More torque

Not only will the horsepower of your vehicle increase, but so will the torque. This is where you’ll feel the biggest increase. By increasing the torque, frequency of shifting gears will be decreased and the car will accelerate more efficiently. Together with the elimination of dead zones and increased BHP values, it’ll be like a smoother and more enjoyable drive.

Fuel efficiency is improved

A remap can bring about an improvement in fuel efficiency, as long as that you do not alter your overall driving style. This is thanks to the reduced necessary gear changes, the vehicle will be able to maintain more efficient transfers of energy from combustion of fuel.

It can increase the strain on your vehicle

Especially in older vehicles The increase in power and torque can cause issues with the drive train. This is due to the increased value will put increased pressure on the vehicle and can increase the speed at which components wear down.

Certain manufacturers are already tuned to their vehicles

Certain cars are already tuned, like Hondas. Because of this, a remap may only increase the power that is available to your car by a very tiny amount, which could mean that it’s not worth the effort for that vehicle.

In some vehicles there are risks

There are some cars that cannot be remapped through this OBD port. That means the ECU which is the brain of your car, will have to be removed and physically modified. It can be done in a safe manner in a safe environment however, when you’re on the road like our team, it’s not a wise decision.

We hope this checklist and guide have given you the answers you need to make a decision about whether a change in your map is worthwhile for you. If you have any queries or are interested in learning more about the process, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team.