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5 Reasons To Use Mobile Scaffold Towers

Mobile scaffold towers bring together the most desirable characteristics of other equipment that are designed to work at the height of. While the traditional extension ladder is able to provide the smallest amount of height, but at same time, it lacks stability mobile scaffold towers are able to perform both. Similar to stepladders, which excel at providing an even platform they can work from, however do not have a significant height mobile scaffold towers are able to perform both.

If you’ve never tried an access tower mobile before there are plenty of reasons to think about making the switch to accessibility equipment. Here we’ll discuss five reasons why a mobile scaffolding system is the best method to work from a height.


One of the major reasons to consider mobile scaffold towers is the stability they offer. In contrast to ladders with two legs, mobile scaffold towers can be supported on their own and do not need to be placed against a structure in order to stay in a straight position. A mobile access tower is able to keep its stability even when workers climbing the ladder or using tools on the platform that is used for work.

To give you even more stability for greater stability, some mobile scaffold towers are equipped with support legs that can be positioned to the bottom. They function like the legs that can be extended on mobile cranes and cherry picker vehicles. By increasing the size of the base of the mobile access tower it will not be unstable or tip over while used.


Although they appear like they are a bit bulky at first They are extremely adaptable. They offer a secure method to work at high altitudes in a variety of situations. If it’s placed on a level and solid surface and is stable, mobile access towers is a viable option for jobs outdoors and indoors.

The work platform, which is enclosed with support bar on either side, allows workers to perform work on the surface that are in front of and directly over them. The majority of mobile scaffold towers can be assembled in a modular design, which means that further levels can be built if an additional height is required. This way the mobile scaffold could fulfill the functions of different types of ladder or scaffold in one go and without having to purchase or transport various access equipment to the worksite.


Like their name implies, mobility is among the primary benefits for mobile scaffolding towers. Instead of having to build and disassemble a tower mobile scaffold towers are equipped with wheels attached to their legs. This makes them much more practical for various scenarios.

The wheels on the lower end of each leg can be locked and unlocked making it possible for workers to maneuver the tower around their worksite to wherever they need it. This is not just easier than disassembling and taking the tower apart to move it, but it is also more secure. The wheels mean that there is less risk of the tower falling over while moving it.


Like mobile scaffold towers, which offer some of the stability and durability of traditional construction, the mobile scaffold towers have the similar strengths. They are constructed using the same cross-beamed vertical structure, giving greater strength than conventional ladders. On the platform for work workers are able to safely transport and operate more heavy equipment and tools due to the scaffold tower’s added strength and structural stability. It also provides an additional layer of protection against objects that strike the tower, since the guard rails can be the first place of impact in the event of an accident.


The last reason why the mobility scaffolding structure is the most effective way to work from a high altitude is a mix of four reasons already mentioned. Safety should be the first priority when working at heights.

Mobile scaffolding towers are constructed to be as secure as they can be for the person using them and everyone near. The added stability and strength makes the mobile access tower an excellent alternative to any ladder used in situations that require a higher height. When it comes to shove the extra security provided by mobile scaffolding towers must be enough to warrant the use of one. It is a good thing that they are more efficient than other tools that is used for working at heights. Mobile scaffold towers can be constructed of non-conductive materials. This makes them suitable for situations where electricity is an issue.

Perhaps our overview of scaffold towers and the myriad of ways they shine above ladders have convinced you. Whatever workplace you’re working in this mobile structure has plenty of advantages in range of different scenarios. Instead of purchasing various types of ladders, or a complete traditional scaffolding system, think about the possibility of a mobile scaffold tower. If you’re interested in knowing more about the wide array of various mobile scaffold towers available on the market, connect with us now.