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Add a touch of luxury to your home with barn doors

Barn doors that slide open are an easy design update that can drastically alter your home’s style. They’re an incredibly popular design in the world of interior design due to the growing popularity of farmhouse-style homes. Sliding barn doors are a kind of door that can be put up anywhere in a home, usually consisting of a metal or wood door that is hung from tracks that slide. Instead of closing and opening like a traditional door it slides out to the side and is hung neatly on the walls. People love them for the fact that they can quickly transform a space and add lots of personality. However, before you dive into the fashion trend that was made famous with Chip and Joanna Gaines, there are certain things to consider.

Trend in contrast to. traditional

Although the sliding doors of barns have been in use for years, they certainly have been able to achieve “trendy” position. And, like any trend, you should seriously be aware of your reasons for purchasing sliding doors for your barn. There’s a huge difference between really loving a look and liking it simply because it’s the “cool” trend of the moment. Ask yourself questions like “Am I still going to enjoy this in five years from now?” and “If I move out in a few years, is anyone going to be able to enjoy it?” If you can discern the potential for long-term growth, then you’re set.

Pros and negatives of installing sliding barn doors

There are a lot of advantages to installing a sliding barn door in your home. They’re great in tighter spaces, such as hallways, and they’re fairly simple to make DIY, so you won’t have to engage a contractor (unless you’d prefer not to complete the project yourself). But, they require sufficient wall space them to move around, which could cause a glaring shadow to any artwork you have on that wall.

Considerations to consider prior to your visit

Before making any changes to your house or undertaking such a project There are some important questions to ask yourself. These questions can aid you in deciding if sliding barn door are the best option for your needs.

Do sliding barn doors work in your home?

You must always consider your home’s design before beginning any home remodeling project. Traditional barn doors be wonderful in a farmhouse coastal, or traditional houses. However, if you install them in a mid-century or contemporary home, they will look seriously out of their place. There are many various kinds of barn sliding doors which offer distinct styles. For instance, a minimalist house might be better served by metal French-style sliding barn doors and a contemporary home is better served by a more streamlined design.

Will you have enough privacy?

Before you decide to install DIY wooden doors for the barnyard, Cynthia Peller Hum, an associate at Hirsch Bedner Associates, the global leader in hospitality interior design, reveals two major details you need to be aware of Privacy and sound.

Like traditional doors, sliding barn doors Melbourne aren’t able to stop the majority of sound. “Don’t think that you won’t hear more sound through a sliding barn door than a traditional swing door, because the edges aren’t sealed as tight,” Hum pointed out.

As far as privacy goes there is no way to lock a sliding barn door at the same time, which can be frustrating if trying to keep your family members or roommates from getting in. If you are installing the barn door in the doorway leading to a bedroom or bathroom, you should consider the hook-and-eye closure or a latch with strike plates.

Is your door header proportionate?

Before you embark on this DIY sliding door project, you need to keep in mind that a balanced header is key, suggests Hum. It is an elongated piece of wood which is used to support your barn door and assists in distributing the load of the door while providing stability. Additionally, it adds value to the appearance of your home.

“When designing the opening, a proportionate header is key for decorative hardware,” Hum noted. “I consider that a plain block-finished edge with no additional decorative trim is easiest to achieve and also creates an open, modern-looking opening that allows the door to serve as the main feature.”

The weight of barn doors could be up to 200 pounds (or more) and therefore headers are also important for sturdiness. The header should be attached to wall studs (and make sure that there are studs in the wall at each interval on the track).

Is your hardware coordinated?

Coordinating hardware on a barn door has less to do with aesthetics, and more to do with functionality.

“Remember that the door and hardware have to extend past the opening, so you need to ensure that you have the space and be sure to put the hardware in a position where it can slide across the wall’s base,” Hum explained. “The door has to be larger than the opening, as well as the hardware on the outer edge.” Hum adds that it is crucial to connect the pulls and hardware, “for example, so the decorative pull does not hit the wall frame.” She also recommends having a stopper placed in the track so that fingers don’t get trapped.

Barn doors sliding down can bring an element of elegance to your home. Make sure that if you do choose to install them the planning aspect is crucial. If you decide that sliding barn doors aren’t the right choice for you there are plenty of ways to get an authentic farmhouse style regardless of whether you’re remodeling your living room, bedroom, or the whole house.