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Considerations of Decorating a Home

Are you planning on moving into a brand-new home and starting fresh? Do not be stressed! Here are six new ideas for decorating your home when you’re beginning from the beginning. In the latest of our design + decorating articles, you’ll see that decorating your new house is fun — and much easier than you imagine.

1. Figure out your decorating style

If you’re able pinpoint the design style you want for the interior of your home then you’re halfway towards it! The most common rule is to stick to the same style of interior of the home as it is for the exterior. If you’re looking for an architectural style home like craftsman or ranch dark, rich furniture pieces made of wood, sleek lines and lots of earthy tones work well.

Here are four of the most well-known styles of home decoration to think about:


A transitional style can be found in the majority of architectural styles for homes. The look is a hybrid of both traditional and modern- perfect for updating older styles of home like colonial or Victorian or for creating a warm and welcoming space for a new home. The transitional style of decorating homes uses dark woods stone, neutral tones and rich reds, sages and olive greens for accent hues. Furniture is streamlined, but is more decorative and has more curvier lines and softer lines.


A contemporary style of decorating is refined and clean with clear lines. Wood and earth tones add softness to the straight lines. Modern-day mid-century modern sofas and elements are very popular. Ranch homes, Art-Deco-style homes, and homes constructed in the 1950s and later are often the best for modern decor.


Contemporary design is the most minimalist and minimalist of the designs. The majority of pieces are employed within each space. The color palette is usually pared down to white, black or grey, with predominant colors. Glass and metals, in place of wood, are emphasized. If you’re decorating your home from scratch, a contemporary style is a great choice in smaller areas and/or want to emphasize the home’s natural aspects, like large open windows or striking architectural elements.


Farmhouses are very fashionable today. The style adds fun, warmth and a dash of whimsy into your new home. To create a new look with a farmhouse-style practical, comfy and welcoming are the most important. Sofas should be overstuffed for convenience and slipcovered for minimal maintenance. Wood tables look rustic and casual. Accent pieces and colors have a vintage or antique store feel.

A fresh home decorating professional tip Consider the exterior style of your house and do a little research. Take inspiration from the elements of the style and then make your own unique twist on the style.

2. Then break down your home’s design scheme by room

The fastest way to get overwhelmed by a blank home is to decorate the whole house all at once. Sort out which rooms are the most important to you and create an idea of how to decorate each room at one time! It might be best to start with your living room, bedroom or laundry room. Pick two or three rooms at a maximum, and decide to decorate them each one at a time.

Matching all the rooms inside the house is a design myth. If you’ve decided to go with an eclectic bedroom, but an open-plan living room do it! Your home will be a lot more personality when you decorate from scratch, one room at one time. Just be sure to add a unifying element to each room to ensure flow, such as a particular color, or a decor part of the house’s design style.

Pro tip for decorating Are you unsure of which rooms to design? Think about what rooms you are most likely to spend time in. It’s best to tackle those first. You can always make the guest room later — close the door to the guest room and let it go for a few days.

3. Start with the largest piece in the room first.

Once you’ve broken down your decorating plans into only one area at time, take similar steps and focus on finding the most important part of the room.

The biggest piece of furniture in the room is usually the most important and expensive. This is why it’s crucial to start with one piece and work your way from there. For a dining area you should begin on the table. In your living space pick a sofa or sectional first. In the bedroom your bed is the primary part of the room.

A tip for decorating pros The most significant piece of the room is probably where you’ll spend the most money. It’s the piece that usually receives the most use in the room, which is why the quality of it is crucial. It is possible to save cash on accessories, by picking off second-hand bedsides tables or buying a bargain coffee table, but never cut corners on your sofa!

4. Benefit from the expertise of the experts

A lot of stores provide free (or affordable) design assistance to their customers. They usually employ design experts to help you make the right choice, the first time around. Their advice could save you a lot of time and money.

5. Paint is now your favorite friend

One of the most straightforward and cheapest ways to transform the blank canvas is to start painting it! Paint every room with the color you prefer. Now is not the time to take a risk pick a bold deep, bold, or bold shade. A neutral shade like mocha or light grey can make more impact than simple white. The best part is that If you aren’t happy with it the first time, you can repaint it.

A tip for decorating pros paint the wall you want to bring the most attention in an color that might be slightly too bold for your taste. After you’ve painted it the painting, you’ve created a focal wall. Make use of that shade in smaller accessories like pillows, vases , or rugs to tie the room.

6. Layer each room, over time

Decorating your new house is an endurance race, not a sprint. As you spend more time in your new home you’ll come to understand the space better. You may have new ideas on how you want the space to appear and perform a few months down the road, so no rush to complete everything at once! Check out furniture and decor options that are secondhand to save even more. Here are the components you’ll want to address over time:

Accent color splashes
Accent tables
Pillows and throws made of fabrics
Wall art
Window treatments

Now that you see how simple decorating your home beginning from scratch can be, decide on your style prioritizing your rooms and get started. The new house will look perfect within a matter of minutes!