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Good Reasons to Buy Property in Turkey

The idea of having a second residence abroad is no longer a fashion but is a well-deserved feature of 21st century living. With a myriad of countries that allow foreigners to buy homes and reside abroad, prospective home owners are often looking for good reasons to invest in properties in Turkey. They want to know the facts to help them determine whether this is the best option for their portfolio of properties as well as a great location for their future if they decide to move to another country.

In the years prior to 2000, the property market in Turkey was a long way behind the rest of the world in the area of innovation and modernisation. The reason for this was in the market in Turkey because mortgages weren’t readily available, and families of different generations lived in the same home. The architects who were trained but unable to find an appropriate market for their expertise frequently went to other countries.

However, the world was changed by the beginning century. The banks made mortgages a major element of their portfolios and the construction industry began a major campaign to modernize and upgrade the housing.

We’ve observed a number of changes in the legal system and also the architectural and design of the new developments. They’ve all been in the best interest of the purchaser as well as a necessary step towards modernizing the real estate market in Turkey.

The reasons to buy Property in Turkey

1. Housing is affordable when compared with other countries.

The market for real estate in Turkey was not ready to join the international market, hence the affordable prices of properties quickly attract foreigners of diverse nationalities. The luxury homes are readily offered, but in the everyday cities like Altinkum in the Aegean coast, a 2 bedroom furnished apartment is affordable for buyers with a budget of around $45,000. Affordable prices have allowed numerous buyers to purchase the property without the need for mortgages or bank loans.

2: There’s a vast pool of resources to explore

The growing real estate market and the recognition by talented designers has helped boost the portfolio of properties in Turkey to a wide range of quality. Foreign buyers can choose from a wide range of luxury and budget off-plan as well as new builds, resales and renovated apartments and villas. From basic and budget homes to luxurious properties with views of the sea and modern day amenities This is the variety and buyers are not required to sacrifice their dreams of an idyllic home.

3: Great for long-term investment

For those seeking an investment that will last for the long haul the prices are likely to provide a high return on the investment. Experts frequently suggest that the market for real estate is the best investment you can make, but the buyers in Turkey also have advantages over other countries like Spain or Cyprus in which property prices have already reached their peak. With regular maintenance and maintenance A well-maintained property in Turkey is a great opportunity to earn a huge returns on investment over the long run.

4. The life style is laid-back

Many thousands of Brits have bought houses in Turkey and, while the affordable property prices can be a draw and the relaxed lifestyle draws them to the country for a long-term living. Many prefer the coastal towns along The Aegean and Mediterranean and can enjoy in a seaside lifestyle, but some other towns like the mountainous Uzumlu and the towns in the inland regions like Ovacik as well as Hisaronu have also proven to be very popular.

5. Living costs are relatively low.

For those who live here, one of the reasons to buy a home to live in Turkey was the affordable costs of living. Senior citizens are particularly getting an excellent deal due to the rate of exchange from their currency to Turkish lire is netting them more than the typical costs of life.

While red meat and gasoline are costly, the weekly shopping spree can cost less if you visit the local market for things like fruit vegetables, cheese, and olives. In terms of household expenses There is no TV licence, and the council tax is a tiny fraction of the amount in the UK and services like water may cost as low as $7 per month, based on the amount of usage.

6 Location, location Location, location,

Turkey is the 37th biggest country in the world. Its large number of towns that stretch between the eastern and western regions draw foreign buyers. A majority of these are situated along coasts along the Aegean and Mediterranean coastlines, excluding istanbul”>Istanbul where it is more likely to draw working expats.

Most popular places are popular destinations include Bodrum peninsula, frequently frequented by rich, international stars and Fethiye which is especially beautiful. Altinkum is a popular destination for British tourists due to its atmosphere , which is often referred to as little Britain and Antalya has a far more European in its approach to life. Dalaman isn’t as talked about but for foreign buyers of property there it feels as if you’re at home.

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7: Food culture, hospitality and food

In addition to the relaxed life style and the low price of living people have also cited the Turkish cuisine, culture, and hospitality as the main factors to consider buying properties in Turkey. The cuisine is still heavily based on fresh, local ingredients that are used to create delicious meals that are home cooked and is similar to an Mediterranean diet that is frequently referred to as one of the healthiest around the globe.

Turkish traditions and hospitality accept foreigners. And an old saying states that every stranger is an acquaintance. This is why many people of different nationalities are welcomed in Turkey and are eating a variety of new dishes with a focus on healthy food.

8. A simpler purchasing procedure

Foreigners were the first to be able to purchase property in 2001. Since the beginning, authorities have constantly changed and simplified the procedure to draw investment into property markets from abroad. We also verify the documents of each property to make sure they’re in good legal in good. More information about the procedure here or, alternatively, look through our selection of homes for sale across the nation. Our staff is ready to guide you through each step to owning your own property in Turkey.