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8 Reasons To Use Remote IT Support

Remote IT support could be instrumental to increase productivity in companies with a team that works at home. It has been clear that the pandemic has triggered a complete revolution in the ways we work as a lot of businesses are now entering the world of remote and hybrid work. The uncertainty surrounding restrictions has meant that many businesses are continuing to provide greater remote working options to their workers in the long future. It’s not just something that COVID can do, hybrid working is definitely here to stay. Do you have the proper IT infrastructure in place to support this?

There are numerous benefits when you have remote IT support for your company even if you’re sticking to a more traditional office way of working. Let’s take a look at the primary reasons for remote IT support is a great way to grow your business, and also reduce the obstacles to success.

1. Empowering remote workers

No matter if your staff members work at the head office and satellite offices, or from at their home, they must all get the same amount of IT support. One of the great things regarding remote IT support is that no matter which location you file a ticket from, the response process is regularized. So, if your staff members are working from home and experience technical issues, they’re not in the position of being on their own. With the resources available for them, their IT problems will be resolved quickly and effectively.

2. Securing your business

People working from home will often be using their own internet connection which isn’t more secure than the network you’re running in the office. Remote IT support can mean that updates and patches are able to be quickly applied, and antivirus software is properly installed.

3. Leave it to the experts

When you use on-site IT services, you have a limited number of people who is working in the office that day in order to resolve your problem. If you choose a remote IT support service, this implies that your request will be assigned to the individual in the team best in the position to handle it. When your staff send a support ticket in the support department, you’ll have access to a huge team of people who have a variety of skills.

4. Scalable solutions

Remote IT support can grow in line with your business. it totally eliminates the requirement for companies to hire external IT help. The retainer that you pay monthly to pay an IT support firm will need to be checked on a regular basis to ensure that the service still matches the requirements of the company. With standardised procedures established remote IT support helps new employees to get up to speed fast once they’re onboarded.

5. Reduced time to shut down

Nothing is more annoying than being locked out of a program or system for hours that leaves your team being unable to concentrate for long periods of time. There should be a process that if this does happen it can be resolved quickly and get the business back online fast. Another great benefit for remotely-based IT support London is that the staff are able to react quickly to any issue that may arise and get you back online as quickly as it is possible.

Remote working that is successful must be supported by a array of digital workplace options such as Microsoft Teams, VPNs, cloud-based file storage, and many more. Here at Reality Solutions we can help with all of these.

6. Costs matched to usage

Another advantage of the remote IT help is you don’t need the added burden of training or hiring staff in IT. The majority of companies pay a monthly retainer based on the amount of support they require each month. This allows you to set aside your IT budget in a consistent manner every month and not have to be worried about unexpected expenses. Remote help for IT is a efficient way to manage your internal IT systems.

7. 24/7 Support

With remote monitoring and resources that are readily available, IT problems are both handled and resolved swiftly. Help from remote computers is much superior to traditional support on site in part due to a whole range of outreach options. Your team is able to pick up the phone, email, head over to live chat or create an issue ticket if they have any IT problems.

8. Proactive monitoring and maintenance

The most significant benefit of having remote IT support is a proactive approach, as opposed to a reactive one. By installing remote monitoring on critical technology assets, such as servers as well as remote IT support, the remote assistance team is notified whenever there is a chance to identify problems. It could happen up to an hour before the issue starts to affect the business. This also means that specialists are able to take action and fix problems before they become too serious.

That’s it the major advantages of remote IT support. To learn more about the customized support package we could put together for your business, please get in touch with us.