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Mobile gaming trends. What exactly do the users like?

A new day , an exciting new game. We all know that the mobile gaming market is growing every day. Not only “on the cheap,” but at a massive growth rate. In the end, each year we witness the way mobile gaming is winning global awards and smashing records in profits.

What’s the reason for mobile games? This is a given mobile games are quite nowadays very popular. This is not surprising since modern games on smartphones have numerous advantages.

The primary advantages of these games is accessibility, ease of use and mobility. It is possible to download the preferred video game on Marketplace to play whenever you’re in a taxi waiting for your meal in the cafe, or at home and have no activity. It doesn’t wherever you go. You do not need to purchase an expensive computer or game console. A smartphone suffices.

However, the market for mobile gaming is constantly growing and changing. Our games development initiatives are proof of this. What was exciting yesterday might not be as interesting today. Therefore, it is crucial to keep track of the market and its developments to keep up with the times.

Is there a most profitable market in the geo-market for the development of games?

Every year around one million applications are released in stores. The last year has seen the amount of games played has drastically changed. In terms of the revenue generated from mobile games in 2021 three countries have emerged as the top players globally:

China. The total income was 56 billion dollars.
It is the United States with revenues of 43 billion dollars;
Japan has racked up 20 billion dollars.

If you take into account how many downloads you have, China has 98 billion, India has 26 billion and the United States has 12 billion downloads. They were the top three countries in the gaming market on mobile devices in 2021.

In the end, Google Play revenue is growing more quickly that iOS App Store revenue, from 6% to 13.2 percent.

Aren’t the numbers shocking? They’re not even close to the upper limit. Each day, these numbers increase many times.

Mobile Game development most popular genre in app stores?

Based on the type of game, we can categorize games on mobile into different types. Namely:

Entertainment games

This includes puzzles, casinos arcades, RPG strategies and sports, simulators, shooters and so on.,

These games are now highly popular, not just with adolescents and children as well as adults who can’t resist to step into the realm of virtual reality. they have their own rules and you are able to relax from the stress for a short time.

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The game of entertainment has numerous advantages that bring people of all ages to spend time together more thoroughly. By playing games that entertain you, allows you to escape the bustle and stress of your daily routine. It has been observed that people who are in routine use up many nerves and feel negative emotions by playing games that entertain on mobile phones, can lower anxiety.

Educational games

For instance, games that teach as well as logical and intelligent adventure and action, suitable for everyone.

The value of mobile games is their potential for development. There is no way to be able to argue that youngsters as well as adults need to learn and grow all the time however, there isn’t always enough time to do this.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that playing educational games can enhance the imagination, math abilities and reaction time, memory as well as intelligence. Another benefit of this type is that it can have the similar effect to playing sports or reading books. This is an excellent alternative to traditional ways of developing.

5 Most played mobile game genres based on revenue

Statista carried out an in-depth analysis of some of the TOP categories of mobile games that are popular with users and generate revenue for companies. The most played iOS gaming genres on the mobile market within the United States are:

Puzzle (21.18%)
Casino (18.9%)
Strategy (17.17%)
RPG (14.23 percent)
Simulation (10.4 percent)

Trends in mobile gaming. What are the gamers want?

As we have seen in the figures we provided in the previous paragraph, entertainment games are on the top spot. They download the same games to have fun and as the sake of letting go of the everyday grind. Sometimes, it’s hard to observe how a game does not allow you to get off the screen of your phone for a couple of hours.

Games, the newest in the world of entertainment are becoming more sought-after and increasingly interactive. Developers embrace new technologies. Mobile phones have evolved from being just a tool for communication , to becoming multi-functional multimedia devices that meet the majority of their users’ demands regardless of whether they’re looking for music or video Internet access, or games. Gaming is dominated by mobile entertainment business.

With all the content available that is available on Google or in the App Store it may be difficult to find the perfect game. This is the primary issue in the case of hundreds of clones that have almost identical name and icons. The most effective way to comprehend this is to identify the top companies in the smartphone market.

The amount of downloads is obviously crucial, however game developers tend to be more focused on the things that make money. In all likelihood the market for mobile gaming is constantly changing. The advent of major corporations can bring the right degree of competition to boost the quality of the market. There is no doubt that mobile game development could be transformed beyond recognition within a matter of the span of a few years.

What is the best way to select an mobile studio for game development?

When choosing a business which offers services for game development First of all check if they have similar games within their portfolio. A studio that hasn’t done this before is not the most suitable choice, particularly when they claim there’s nothing hard, even with zero prior experience.

There’s a high chance that they won’t determine your audience’s needs or get them excited about intriguing mechanics, or come up with the perfect hook to stand apart from millions of games that are similar to yours.

Here we will give a straightforward but efficient checklist of the best characteristics to consider when choosing a game development firm or partner among the various outsourcing companies in game development:

They know the requirements for your game
Have a look through the portfolio
Learn about the latest design trends:
Application time for Query Market Time delivery
Read about customer reviews
The technical skills of the developer
Find out more about the client approach

The risk of outsourcing game development to a third party is high. But, it shouldn’t deter you from taking the risk. The fact is, life isn’t without risk. However, you should be aware of how to maximize your the profits from your thoughts.