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Scotland For Your Next Holiday? Here’s Why You Should…

There in the north and with no guarantee of sunshine, a trip in Scotland may not be the ideal choice. For many, Alba (as it’s known in Gaelic) ticks lots and numerous boxes. It’s not surprising that Alba was named by Scotland the top of Rough Guides’ must-visit destinations in 2017. The guide picked the country for its “wildlife whisky, wonderful warm hospitality”. We are in complete agreement on these three w’s. We we have compiled ten compelling arguments to why you should consider a holiday in Scotland.

Landscapes with a capital L

It doesn’t matter if they’re gorgeous stunning, lonely, or just simply beautiful, Scottish landscapes take scenery to a new level. Wherever your penchant may lie in glens, mountains valleys, lochs, forests… They’re all there. Scotland has them all. And best of all, you can see the entire range of these easily when you go to.

Curious contrasts

As well as coming in the most abundance, Scottish landscapes also come with stunning contrasts. For instance, take the white sands of Isle of Tiree for instance – you’re almost in the Caribbean here. And the little isle has one of the greatest percentages of sunshine days in the UK as well. It is also possible to experience the stunning black depths of Lochs in Scotland. Also, take a look at the brilliant pink granite that is found along the Angus coast.

Scotland is remote in a way that is unlike any other region anywhere else in the UK. Cape Wrath on the northwest corner lies about as far as you can get from any other place. The only exception is the island of St Kilda, a good boat ride from the mainland, and uninhabited since the 1930s.

Too lonely? Go to the cities. Glasgow and Edinburgh are among the most happening and vibrant of the UK with all the urban action you can imagine.

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Absolutely wild animals

Forget common-all-garden animals like badgers, foxes and rabbits. Scotland also has wildlife that is like it is not found anywhere else in the UK. On the land, it is a country of red deer, pine martens, and Otters. Up in the air you’ll see ospreys as well as the ultimate prize for the twitcher, golden eagles. On the water, Scotland is an absolute paradise for dolphins seals, whales and cute puffins. Holidays at Scotland really are wild.

Deep-rooted history

The UK is brimming with historical monuments and sites, but in the department of history Scotland is also able to take things to the next level. Beginning with the Neolithic standing stones on Orkney and the Abbey on Iona that was where St Columba brought Christianity to Scotland, to what remains from the Picts This is a land with a truly ancient past.

Looking forward to the Jacobite Revolution, perhaps nowhere in the UK is more hauntingly historic than Glen Coe, a battle location where you are able to imagine the ghosts of the slain. Also, there are wonderful historic sites of Edinburgh and Glasgow where the stunning urban design is also a story to tell.

King of castles

The landscapes of Scotland are dotted with castles and at last estimate, there are about 2,000 of them. Some are in ruin, while others are which are still in use, as well as there are many castles to stay in. They’re all part in the beauty of nature. If you’re in Scotland don’t miss Eilean Donan’s castle on Skye It’s something you’ve heard of from numerous films; Dunnottar Castle perched on a stunning headland overlooking the North Sea; the medieval fortress of Urquhart Castle near the equally legendary Loch Ness; or Edinburgh Castle with its stunning views on the top of Royal Mile.

Fine festivals

A lengthy (long) calendar of year-round events also make Scotland a great place for a holiday. Whatever it is, whether it’s sports, cultural culinary, musical, or historic , there’s a holiday for you somewhere in Scotland. The most well-known are the Highland Games, celebrated between May and September all over the country . It’s a great location to watch Scottish bagpipes, dance, and locals’ skills at throwing logs, hammers…

Edinburgh takes the spotlight on the world’s stage in August , with it’s International Festival that includes the famed Fringe Festival. The popular military tattoo also takes place during the Festival and you’ll be able to enjoy one of the most spectacular fireworks shows that you can find in the UK. If you’re into fire it’s The Up Helly Aa fire festival in Shetland is a must-see-list. It’s a Viking holiday of winter ranks among the nation’s most bizarre occasions.

Make sure you capture it on camera

With its breathtaking landscapes and historical settings Scotland is not surprising to be a top spot for television and film series. Some of these locations are the backdrop for The Harry Potter films and JK Rowling wrote the books in cafés located in Edinburgh. The film King Arthur also showcases Scottish scenery as does the well-known TV series Outlander. and the top British security agent James Bond, has also been to Scotland in various films.

Hole in one

Scotland is the place where golf has been played since the beginning of time. To honor this history, the country is home to several golf courses, the majority of which are public. Prestwick Golf Club established the Open Championship and St Andrews is the home of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club. That’s the body that governs every aspect that is related to the golf game. Even when you’re not a golfer you can stroll the courses and enjoy their usually spectacular settings.

The water of life

There is no list of reasons to visit Scotland could be complete without a large acknowledgement of whisky, the Scottish drink, whisky. It is regarded by many as the world’s finest liqueur whisky is an integral element of the landscape and culture. Plan a trip to the distilleries at least once while traveling through Scotland and make sure you have one of the whiskies after your meal. The fiery waters of life isn’t only amazing, but also helps with digestion!

Vacation in Scotland

In this department too, Scotland moves the bar higher. From fun events and stunning accommodations There are few locations are able to match the number of excellent places to stay. Choose from castles, palaces and mansions which are all worthy of a king and offering accommodation like none other. Reserve your dream residence and be prepared for a trip that will last one’s lifetime.