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Brief Guide to Hiring an Apprentice

Your business and your apprentice will benefit from each other’s efforts to hire an apprentice.

Investing in apprentices allows your business to “grow your own talent”, with people who can be the future of your organization. Apprenticeships are a great way of supporting the economy and giving young people a great start in the world.

These are our top tips to welcome a new apprentice into your workplace and get them off to an excellent start.

1. Before they begin, prepare

Before your apprentice starts, take some time to prepare them for joining the team. Make sure they have everything they need to perform their job. This includes a workstation, email address, and log-in details. You should prepare an induction plan, which will detail what they can expect in the first few weeks.

2. Spend some time with them during their induction

Once your apprentice has begun, make sure to take the time to explain the policies and procedures of the business. This includes the health and safety procedures as well as the organisational chart. Talking about the values and vision will help the apprentice quickly get to know the business and what it means. Keep calm and patient throughout this process. Also, make sure that your apprentice fully understands the business. It can be their first job, and they might feel nervous. An induction well done will put your apprentice at ease. It will also ensure that they feel supported in the new role.

3. Expectations should be managed from the beginning

It is a good idea for young people to be clear about what they are expected to do at certain milestones. It’s a good idea to outline what the young person should do by the end their first week, month and quarter. Then, it’s important to highlight what they need to do in order to complete their probation period. It is also a good opportunity to explain how frequently you expect them to be updated on their workload and best practice in terms office communication.

4. Get them started, and you’ll reap the benefits
Apprentices are often enthusiastic learners, and they can learn quickly with proper training and instruction. Do not hesitate to help them get started in their key tasks. You’ll be pleased at how much your new apprentice can contribute. They will be able to get support from others within the company and can also coach them. When there is a shortage of skilled workers, an apprenticeship gov can be a lifesaver for organisations.

5. Ask for feedback
It is very valuable to get feedback from your new apprentice about their induction process, and how well supported they feel. A fresh perspective can give valuable feedback and help to improve the organization. Modern Apprentices are something that businesses often do over and over again. Therefore, it is important to establish a good process early.