Have you ever seen Augmented Reality business cards? The ones that aren’t as stunning as those on YouTube Have you ever been given one during a conversation with somebody? It’s not surprising, but it’s likely that you’ve never received one unless it’s from someone who owns been working with an Augmented Reality production company.

What’s the reason, if it’s amazing and it has an interesting and informative commercial for the customers who get this business card why are they not everywhere? It’s because they’re expensive. QR codes are not expensive and recyclable So why wouldn’t you include one on your credit card?

A QR code placed on your standard-sized business card will give you an advantage over the small amount of paper stock which can only hold the logo, your company’s name and address and a variety of phone numbers as well as a URL for your website and three or two social media website addresses.

Another issue with printed business card is that it isn’t able to function as an online link to your digital product. A simple QR code can be the best way to improve the information you provide to potential clients.

More and more people using QR codes on business cards, yet they’re not taking advantage of the potential QR codes unleash in marketing your services and company. It’s true that the QR code could provide the same powerful and efficient marketing pitch that Augmented Reality (AR) cards could, and can result in an easier and more efficient exchange of information than the NFC “bump” could provide via an mobile device.

Here are a few suggestions which will make you race to locate a QR code for business card

Although the Augmented Reality card does have an underlying “cool” aspect but the outcomes are basically identical to creating an “commercial” to promote your company by putting a QR code on to a video posted on YouTube or your site. All you require is a high-quality camera, sound mic as well as a script, and you’re ready to go (instead of investing millions of dollars get an AR video created).

The presence of smaller QR code on business cards offers the person who receives your card a choice of following your business. Add one with each one of your accounts to ensure the convenience of gaining followers. Make sure your viewers sign up for notifications of upcoming videos. These will be linked using the recycled QR code that is in your credit card.

The majority of people scan the card of someone else or discard it (or get rid of it). The addition of a QR code raises the ratio of those who will bookmark your information/website/video sales pitch on their mobile device.

The business card can be an everyday device used to exchange contact details. The addition of a QR code transforms your small card into an agency for marketing.
With just a picture as well as a QR code on the back of your card for business, clients will be compelled to take a look at your cards (a large percentage of scans occur due to interest in the link).

The QR code can also be designed (“beautified”) by having your logo incorporated, giving you more space in your card to include additional codes and other information.