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Reasons Why Explainer Videos Are Vital For your Businesses

People who search for information about products and services have one goal: to solve their problems. Internet has been the main resource for information and is now the place to go when you need help from companies and potential clients.
However, people often resort to the internet when trying to find out more about a product.

They seek out visual representations of the products or services in video format. This means that video will dominate the internet. 82% of internet traffic is expected to be video by 2020.

CISCO projected that video downloading would use 90% of bandwidth in 2020 as compared with approximately 50% today.
Pssst! Use The Stats To Your Benefits

Using an explainer video production company to create a video-based campaign should not be your top priority. If this continues for the next year, it will be a serious mistake.

It is possible that you have used different media in the past to help your company. You may be wondering why video explainer marketing would work so well with all the other media.

There are 8 ways explainer video can benefit your company in the long term. Your marketing strategy shouldn’t be the last to run on the track.
The Foundations

It doesn’t matter what industry your company falls under, nor how large or small it is. Your company must be alert and able differentiate the best marketing strategy for each segment of your market.

I tried to simplify the objectives so you could understand. These were the main points that I reached.

A. What type of products/services does your business offer?

Your company might be offering apps, software or niche services. If so, it is likely that you will need to convert all your content to visual formats.


Because you want to cut down on time and save money while educating consumers about your products.

B. Is your company on social media?

If the answer is yes, you’re in luck. Google’s ranking loves videos content. It can give you a quick boost on the Google page if embedding an explainer video with any promotional ads.

C. Do you know your target audience?

Nowadays, most people do not bother to read a newspaper. Even those born after 1990. Instead of searching the internet for the information they require, they simply Google it. What does that mean? It is a requirement that all information be digitized.
What is an Explainer Video for Your Company?

A complete explainer video package is composed of moving text, graphics and animations. It can also help strengthen your company.

Brand awareness
Online presence
Create a stronger brand identity and let your company’s personality shine
Social media engagement

Explainer videos are more appealing to larger audiences. A bonus benefit of an explainer video? It diversifies your promotional channels.

How can an explainer video be of rescue?

Let’s take a look at 8 reasons.

A video explaining the process is a great way for potential buyers to be helped without having to read all of the text. These are eight other reasons you should convert your contents to a visual format.

Presentation (visual interaction).

Explainer videos offer a visual aid that entices your consumers and is 43% more persuasive than any other marketing tool on the market.

2. Retain viewer attention

Combining visual and verbal cues helps people retain 50% more information. Explainer videos retain viewers’ attention for as long as 70% of their total length.

3. Choose from a variety of selections

You should give people the ability to reach you. If they have the choice, I can assure them that they will choose to connect via visual channels.

We often resort to visual explanations because they are convenient. We are all visual learners.

4. Videos have the highest ROI

Video is an excellent long-term investment. Video, out of all other tools available to you to help your campaign, has been proven to the most cost-effective.

5. Conversion rate

70% of people Google a product or service. Your chances of selling your product or services well are higher if you can present it clearly.

6. Extend the Duration

The average time spent by potential consumers on social media is between 10-20 seconds. It is important to pitch your product and service within the first 20-30 second. If they have no reason not to visit your website or social media, they will likely go.

You can also embed an explainer clip to your website or social media. This will allow you to increase the duration of your video from 20 seconds to 60 second.

7. Mutuality

Video is very easy to share. Similar to how you build bridges, video can also connect you with consumers.

8. SEO friendly

Google engine loves video content. Google will rate your website or social media page visits by consumers based on the average time they spend.

A video explaining the process can be embedded into your social media and website to increase the amount of time that your user spends on it. This sends a positive message through search engines. Your content will appear higher in searches, and your website will be 53 times more likely that you rank first in Google rankings.