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Should you hire a freelance translator or a translation company?

Are you looking to hire a freelance or professional translator?

This is a common query for anyone looking to hire translation services. It can be difficult to decide which option is best for you if it’s your first time working with translators. Even though it might seem like the most affordable option, freelance translators can be more expensive and may not offer the best solutions.

Consider the benefits of working for a translation firm.

Verified Credentials

It is easy to find a translator online. This is because anyone can become a freelancer translator provided they have a computer with the ability to speak two or more languages.

It is important to not hire anyone just for the translation project. You need someone who is not only bilingual. A translator should be fluent both in the source and target language and have years of industry experience.

Here’s where a translation firm comes in.

Although it can be difficult to vet freelancer translators, translation companies have strict requirements. Our translators are all graduates of college and have experience in their chosen area (i.e. medicine, law, advertising, etc. These include the ability to translate in their native language. This will ensure you get the best results for your translation projects.

A UK translation company may also offer certified translations. These are necessary in many cases such as immigration hearings or legal hearings. However, not all freelancers can provide this service.

Faster Turnaround Times

It is possible that if you have only one person who can handle all your translation needs, they might struggle to accomplish it all efficiently and in a timely manner. This is particularly true if there are many tasks and deadlines.

The translation company will have access to all of their translators. This allows you to get the job done quickly so you never miss a deadline.

You can also use a translation agency to translate content into different languages. They have many translators. A freelance translator is likely to mean that you will need to hire many freelancers, as not all translators can provide services in every language.

Another benefit is that most translation agencies have translation memories. This allows you to save certain phrases or passages that appear in your content repeatedly and have the translation company use the second one as needed. This will save you both time and cash.

Quality Assurance

The advantage of using a translation agency over a freelancer translator is the finely tuned process they use. Instead of one person translating, editing, and proofreading the content, many companies have multiple people checking for accuracy.

You will see that your documents are first translated and edited by an experienced translator. Next, another translator will edit the document and then it will be handed over to a professional proofreader for a final check.

While another person handles the payment details, the project manager communicates with you all the way to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with your final translation. So everyone can be a specialist in their area of expertise, instead of trying to do everything.