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Tips For Moving into a New Office

Most offices are stayed in for years and years allowing the growth of a business and the workforce. There isn’t always a reason to move, as the building is comfortable and customers know where to find you, but in the event you do move offices, it should be as stressless as possible.

Packing, organizing a large team of people and making sure the office is set up to perfection is a big project. To help with the move, take some of our tips on board and hopefully relieve some of the pressure.

Create a Plan

As with any large project, planning ahead is required and will keep you on track.

The plan needs to include timelines, logistics and a list of who will be taking which jobs. When moving, the whole team should pull together to make the move as organized as possible.

For maximum organization, delegate set jobs to each person. This will give a clear structure for the day and the run up to the move.

Measure Up

Over the years, the accumulation of equipment, furniture and bits and pieces will have built up. Take the move as an opportunity to look through what you have and what you want to take with you.

In conjunction with having a clear out, you also need to make sure the measurements you have are accurate. The current desks and office screens you have should have a place in the new office space, it’s cost effective and more convenient to use existing furniture.

Measure the space and create a floor plan before the switch so you can see a mock lay out and see how your can use current furniture.

Desk Tidy

Drawers and pedestals are another part of the office that seem to harbor junk. With plenty of planning going on in the background, it would be easier if each person sorted through their own desk.

Leave the sorting and packing of individual desks to each person, taking an item off the list but overall is progress in the right direction.

Communicate The Move

If your place of work receives visitors and customers on a regular basis, you need to get the word out about the move.

Contacting your customers, putting a note on the website and making it clear that you’ll be moving is imperative. For the sake of moving premises, you have to be sure you won’t lose business either.

When the move is complete, updating the Google information will also be a high priority.

IT Help

Having all the systems disconnected and connected correctly isn’t something to try yourself. Calling in the experts for this aspect of the move, will leave you free to unpack but also limit any IT issues you may have.

The office needs to be set up ready to use, so the first day in the new space can go ahead with as little hiccups as possible.