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What are the Advantages of Attending an Event?

When done right, exhibitions can be full of rewards.

In a few words, attending an exhibition is chaotic, expensive and a whirlwind of a day, but when done in the right way, can end with great results.

The venue, the event and the stand all take part in the success of the day. Shopping around and researching will be your best friend and ensure you make the right decisions for your brand.

If you’re thinking of going to an event but not sure on what you have to gain, we’ve list 5 good reason why you should consider it.

Brand Awareness

If people aren’t coming to your brand, bring your brand to them!

Taking centre stage within an exhibition is an effective way to put the brand out there and to reach a large number of people within the space of a few days.

Whilst exhibitions are great for brands, it’s perfect for consumers and other businesses to learn and educate themselves about other business in the same sector.

With custom branded exhibition stands and marketing material discussing your brand, the work will spread quick.

Meeting New People

As visitors congregate at the exhibition space, you’ll be overloaded with new faces.

Throughout the day visitors will drop in and out of the stand, taking in the stand, staying for conversations or just to pass through. Regardless of the reason, you’ll be given new opportunities to meet new people, who could convert into a client in the future.

Meeting new people falls perfectly in line with brand awareness.

Face to Face Meetings

Zoom has been great but aren’t we happy to see the back of it.

Meeting face to face has a whole different feel to it and builds a stronger connection between people. Firstly, face to face meetings allow eye contact and body language, giving a clearer idea of how the conversations are going.

Moreover, it’s far easier to ask for contact details and make the next steps for contact after the event.

Find Your Competitors

If you’re new to the sector or haven’t been keeping an eye on competitors, use this time to brush up on your industry knowledge.

Educate yourself and take notes of the type of brands that are in the same space as you. It’ll be beneficial to follow up these competitor leads when you’re back in the office.

Challenge the Cold Call

Visitors who enter your stand are expecting a conversation and are ready and in the right frame of mind. Unlike a cold sales call, which can catch people off guard and be an ineffective method of bringing on new business.

Switching the cold call, for an interested customer at an event is a trade to be made. As the said person is interested, fully engaged and all eyes are on you!