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Choosing A Birthday Card Design

There are three primary types of birthday cards that you can pick from, based on their availability and the difficulty to get them.

Standard greeting cards

The standard greeting cards are the ones you can find at the grocery store or department stores. They’re likely the first thing you consider when you imagine the word “Greeting Card. They are typically sold individually at a cost of between $5 and $10. They’re wrapped in plastic and then carefully divided in sections according to what the card will be used intended for or the reason for it.

Cards by creators who are independent

In lieu of conventional greeting cards, one could choose to buy cards from an illustrator, artist or designer, in packs or as individual cards. Many people prefer to directly hire an artist or buy the cards directly from their studio. In most cases they purchase these cards at cute shops and art gallery. The majority of the time you can find these birthday cards online, whether through an artist’s website or a marketplace for design like Paperlust or any other websites.

Birthday cards for free

If you’re on a restricted budget (or an extremely tight deadline! ) Birthday cards that are free are a great option to explore. This usually means making an DIY birthday card, or finding a free templates for birthday cards online to print on your own. If you create something online or go old-fashioned using craft and arts materials making the birthday cards you want to use can take some time and effort, but it is the fastest way to make your card memorable and personal.

What is the best time to make a birthday card needed?

It isn’t always easy to determine if the birthday card is needed in any particular situation. In generally, a birthday card is needed when:
You’re going to the birthday celebration

If you’re invited to someone’s birthday celebration, it’s a appropriate to arrive with a birthday gift and an invitation to the birthday party. It’s also acceptable to substitute the proper birthday card for smaller gift cards that just states that the person’s name is the person receiving it and “happy birthday” especially if you’re near to the person.

You are right next to the person who is celebrating.

If the birthday person is part of your immediate family or close to you it’s a great idea to give them an invitation to celebrate their birthday. If you have a close friend This is true regardless of whether or not you’re likely to see your loved ones on the day of their birthday. Send them a note or bring it with you the next time you meet them.
You’re with someone’s birthday

If you’re planning on celebrating someone’s birthday and you’ve heard about it beforehand it’s good to prepare a gift card you can give the person to make their birthday memorable. Gifts are also great but you could also give them an espresso or make a small gesture with the card.

There is a an opportunity to impress someone

If you’re dealing with a key customer, business associate or perhaps someone you’re planning to invite for a birthday gift, a card can be a fantastic method to stay in touch and impress them. Be sure to maintain a professional appearance and keep it simple to avoid appearing untrue or manipulative.
Don’t be a slave to adhere to these events however! If you think that a birthday card could be an excellent idea, do it. You’re better off presenting someone with the gift of a birthday that isn’t technically required, rather than not present a gift when it was required. In addition, everyone enjoys having their birthday recognized and they’re not likely to be upset for taking some time and thought about them.

The choice of a birthday card’s design

The best design for the card is determined by the recipient. Friendship cards are likely to differ from birthday cards designed for customers or acquaintances. Even within groups, the ideal selection will differ for each person: one acquaintance will have distinct tastes and preferences in comparison to one another. This means that selecting the appropriate birthday card will allow you to show how much you know your friends.

There are numerous kinds of birthday card designs There are 4 primary aspects to take into consideration when selecting the best one for your event:

Printing types

Birthday cards come in a variety of printing styles, just like any other kind of invitation or card. What kinds of printing types are there?

Your typical ink-on paper digital print
Foil stamped or raised foil
Embossing or letterpress
Print on wood
Ink of white
Metallic ink

You can also opt to combine different types of print including letterpress and foil stamping, or the use of white ink on wood.

The type of print you choose is usually based on what’s available, your budget , and the style of design you’re looking for. Print types that are premium such as foil stamping and letterpress are often a good fit for more formal styles of design While white ink and wood print are ideal for more rustic designs.

Paper types

The kind of paper that the birthday invitation card will be printed can have significant impact on the overall feel and feeling of the card, literally! The best quality cardstock is a bit heavier and has a luxurious sensation. Birthday cards could be varnished and shiny with a glossy appearance, similar to a typical grocery store greeting card, or they could be plain with an unnatural paper feel or a linen-like finish. Unvarnished cards can feature smooth, smooth edges as well as rough tear-marked edges. Each of these options is fantastic, it’s just a matter of on what you prefer (and what the recipient would like obviously!) and the style of design you’re interested in.

Styles of design

There are many designs to pick from when it comes to birthday greeting cards. Some of the most sought-after are:

Vintage, art deco, retro
Rustic Country, rustic
Cultural, ethnic,
Bold, geometric
Classic or modern
Floral, botanical
Lace and patterned
Simple, minimalist
Fun, whimsical
Hand-made or drawn

The styles are available with a variety of variants and different amounts of adhering to the design. A nautical card may be a complete theme for every card. Or just include a few stripes or even a boat in the style. The styles can also be mixed. It’s possible to get an old-fashioned floral design or a watercolour-inspired style.

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Of course it is not the case that all designs fall into these specific categories. Birthday cards tend to be based on something the recipient enjoys. The card could be a drawing or pattern, or even a photograph, everyone enjoys being recognized for their passions. What kind of interests do you have? Anything! Baking, golf reading, listening to alcohol, music, footy gardening and the beach and sewing, cars, motorbikes, a particular kind of flowers, their preferred destination for holidays or country television show or movie…the possibilities are infinite. This is an excellent chance to personalize the card according to the person’s interests.

Another option to personalize your gift is to design a card featuring a photograph of them, both or you together, something that they love or a memorable moment you shared. It is simple to purchase on the internet (or DIY if you like) and will show a bit of effort and is likely to ensure that your card will be given pride of spot on the refrigerator or mantelpiece as it functions as a frame for photos as also a card to send a message.


Happy birthday cards typically contain some sort of tone, particularly when there is written text or a simple “happy birthday” message on the card. The message could be extremely sincere and meaningful as well as humorous and even sarcastic.

Tone isn’t only about words. A drawing can be able to convey as much tone by using an adorable facial expression or whimsical style of drawing.

Birthday cards for kids

The process of choosing birthday cards for children is an entirely different game than picking adult birthday cards. If you’re choosing the birthday gift for your child make sure you keep in mind their age. For children, are drawn to colour adorable drawings or anything that can bring them joy. If you are aware of their favorite color or a show they’re obsessed with make sure you find the right item to match. It’s best to be on the side of caution when it comes down to the age. You shouldn’t be worried about buying an adorable non-age-specific gift card for children (as as it’s appropriate of course) However, a child of twelve is more likely to be upset by a card that they see as being designed for a child of a smaller age. If you’re not sure you can contact the parent with a short message to find out the subject matter they’re interested. This is the same to gift ideas as well.

Use a birthday card to enhance the gift

A nice card can make the gift more personal in times when you’re struggling to find something that is meaningful. A chocolate bar is more meaningful if you write on the card “I would like to gift you your favorite chocolate as I’m sure that you keep them running”. Flowers are more memorable when you include sweet words written on the card to show you truly care about them and that you didn’t simply give them away on your own because you didn’t remember. Anything that seems like a simple thing that you think they’ll love can be a perfect gift with a clear justification for why you bought the item (“This pepper shaker looks exactly similar to the one that were in the Hotel in Prague Remember? It’s a bit silly and yet it instantly took me back to my vacation and the feeling of having you at my by my side for weeks at a time”).

It’s a wonderful thing when you’ve chosen the perfect birthday card , but you don’t have a present to match it. The perfect card can take the stress off the gift as it imparts an abundance of meaning and affection and relieves the burden of material items.

Happy birthday wishes written in words

Happy birthday cards with words are the best way to send a message of love and appreciation to the person who receives it, making them feel happy and loved. It sounds easy, doesn’t it? But, sometimes, it can appear to be lots of pressure. Are you staring at a blank piece of paper and trying to come up with something that is brilliant? Begin here.

Who do you want to write to? This may sound simple, but begin with your name. It doesn’t need to sound formal. You can call your friend “Baz”? Make sure to address him with that name on the birthday card he’s sent him. It’s strange to suddenly go all formal, especially if it’s not the way you usually communicate. Don’t make your friend feel as if they’re being scolded by their mom.

What’s your relationship with this person? This is the basis for the whole birthday card. Are you in a close relationship, or an infrequent one? Do not try to make a habit of friendly banter if it’s not a typical part of your relationship. Also, don’t think that you need to attempt to be formal when you’re usually laughing and teasing each other constantly.

What wishes do you send them for the next year? This is the perfect option to begin when trying to write a message on a birthday card that’s blank. You’ve probably already written “I wish you an amazing birthday” But why not send them a wish in the near future? Think about wealth, health and happiness, but be free to think of something new. You can be more specific (“I I hope that your final semester at uni goes extremely quickly”) or even wacky (“I I hope that this is the year you discover an endless supply of Tim Tams”).

Do you have important memories of this person? You’ve considered the future but now take a look about the past. Do you have memories you’d like to discuss? Begin by saying “I’ll forever remember the moment I spent with you …” have spent with me” and then fill the blanks. This could seem either serious (“I’ll not forget that moment you stayed up all night with me when my mom passed away”) or funny (“I’ll forever remember the day you were drunk and tried to drive into the wrong vehicle”).

Did you present them with gifts? If the card you gave them is the gift, you should make reference to the present. It’s not an insult! It can help them recall the gift and helps to write a thank-you note. Do not just say “I gave you a gift card” Say something like “I wish you fun picking out some fresh music to play at the next big celebration at your home.” It’s a great method to add some care to the present. It lets you know why you selected the present for the person you chose to gift it to.