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The Anime Figure Collector’s Guide

Imagine being able transport your most loved cartoon character right from your screen into the palm of your hand! Imagine being able to gather a group of your favourite characters together to create epic anime sequences in real life. Imagine that, and you are now part of this world of anime figures collecting!

Although this article is targeted towards those who are brand novices to anime figurine collecting community, we believe that veteran collectors will find new information or insights in our post. Let’s get started!

What is a figure exactly?

In simple terms the definition of a figure is a 3D representation that is made to resemble an individual (real and fictional) or object. Figures typically depict characters from television shows or anime, and even their own toy line they are a distinctive category of products and are manufactured by a variety of firms in various styles. Keep reading to understand the anime collection figurines.

The main differences between ancient and more contemporary ones are the materials used as well as the design style. Modern figurines are usually constructed using resin or plastic and ancient ones were usually made from bone, clay, and/or wood.

Like their predecessors from the past, contemporary models span a variety of categories and styles. Figures of the most popular Western characters, such as He-Man Masters of the Universe and military figures that are used to aid strategists objects of religion as well as models of planes scientific models, and more. But , we’re not looking at today, as these days, we’re all about anime!

Types of Figures

Many retailers group anime-related figures into one category, but this is an error. With the wide variety of figures in different categories, which range from cute to dangerous, it’s crucial to be aware of the differences between these categories, so that you can choose the right figure!

Participate in this exciting event

Do you remember those action figures you played with in your childhood? Maybe you had fun with G.I. Joes, a collection of hugely muscular figures that were once called “America’s combat man that moves.” Maybe you dressed the Barbie dolls with a variety of flirty poses, with hips-on-hands or with a purse at the crook of her elbow.

Action figures were originally thought of as an movable doll that was geared towards boys, they’ve now becoming an item that is able to take on a vigorous action. This is achieved by the movement of the figure. there are joints placed throughout the body of the figure which allow you to bend or bend the figure in a variety of ways. You will often hear these two terms (‘action’/’articulated’) used interchangeably.

Animation figures are, of course, articulated characters, but you can separate these categories more!

Cheeky Nendos

The company behind them is Good Smile Company, Nendoroids are small-sized figures with larger heads and smaller bodies. The name derives because of their Japanese word nendo which is a reference to clay. The Chibi figures aren’t just cute but also articulated so that they can be posed in many different ways. With over 1,000 Nendoroids available to choose from, these small figures are the best starting point to begin collecting figures!

What are you afraid of?

Figures are made from Max Factory and are a excellent articulated option. With numerous distinct joints in each model, figmas are recognized for their excellent poses. Similar to Nendoroids they come with an assortment of accessories. You can create a variety of anime scenes with these particular figures.

Don’t move!

While articulated figures let the poses for your creativity, different kinds of figures perform the job for you. They are not able to be adjusted , but they are specifically created to recreate the most memorable moments or scenes in an anime.

With fixed-pose figures, you’ll also discover…

Scale or no to

Scale figures of anime are a form of fixed-pose figure measured according to their “actual” measurements of the character in the anime. These figures will have an indication of size, such as one-half or 1/32th. This means that the figures dimensions have been reduced to the size of a sixth or half the size of the person and. For instance If the character in anime is believed to be taller than 2 meters one-tenth scale model is 20 centimeters.

Bunnies, beaches and girls, oh my!

If you’ve ever thought about what the most beautiful woman looks like at a beach party or perhaps as a stylish and flirty bunny, you’re likely to get a shock. While some shows may overlook these essential outfits manufacturers are at work to bring these bunny and beach gorgeousnesses to life!

It’s true that these kinds of figures could seem a bit ecchi-like – Think big cleavages and puppy yoga poses for dogs. Although not necessarily sexually explicit but it’s not the most popular choice for everyone.

You’re a real prize

If you’ve not heard or played Japanese claw game (sometimes known as UFO catchers and crane games) You’re being left out. What really makes the difference when playing these games is the incredible prizes you can win should you be willing to spend the money on these fake suckers.

Animation figures are plentiful on these arcade machines and new characters being released every week. It is evident that the quality of these prize figures aren’t as high that those of major brands as their designs are more basic, yet cheaper. While novice collectors may appreciate these affordable choices, seasoned collectors will also be able to locate unique prize-winning figures of their most loved characters.

Area restricted to 18+ only

Hentai figures aren’t ideal for every person. Although some designs are delicate certain figures push beyond the limits of what is acceptable to people of average age. Don’t let this dissuade your curiosity if you’ve always looking to collect hentai figurines! Keep in mind that all people will be happy with these characters So make sure you place them in a location where you will enjoy them without offending anyone else.

However, there are so many types of hentai models. Some of these characters have clothes that is removable This is known as cast-off. Also, you’ll find a wide range of original characters and characters from various manga and anime series. Explore to your heart’s content!

Get stuffed

Plushies are a distinct kind of figure in the anime world, particularly because they’re not actual figures. Cuddly and soft, you can find plushies from a variety of anime, though they are typically found for characters from specific series that are popular, such as Love Live! or Touhou Project. Some of these dolls could be nesoberi that are placed flat on their stomachs. There are a lot of cute and kawaii-like cartoon characters that you can decorate your house with.

Since plushies are special and are rarely produced in huge quantities and don’t receive re-releases as normal anime characters. This is why plushies quickly become collectibles of a rare nature which makes them more important.

Make sure you cross the pre-order

When browsing through different figures You may have encountered pre-orders. If you’re not familiar to the realm of collecting figures This could be a little new experience.

The majority of goods are mass-produced before being sold off to various shops and outlets. However, Genshin figurine are dealt with differently. Instead of manufacturing an exact amount of figures before selling, figures manufacturers make the opposite. They design a prototype, so the customers can view what they’ll get Then they begin sales by placing pre-orders. When the pre-order time has ended the manufacturers count how many figures must be made.

Since figures are produced in quantities that are required and are not able to be sold quickly, they will appreciate in value when they reach the market. Manufacturers are able to offset this by releasing more figures, however this typically is not the case for highly well-known figures. Therefore, in that regard If you spot figures you like to pre-order, think about purchasing the figure now, as it could increase in cost dramatically when it’s finally launched.

Why should you bother to purchase figures?

We all have a good idea of what the figures are. The question is what is the reason? What drives people to invest huge sums of money for this pastime?

A love of anime and other related media is the primary reason that people begin collecting, and that’s totally normal. It appears that buying an anime character could be the next step to take in general fandom for anime. This is the way that the majority of collectors begin to get into the hobby. One figure becomes two figures before you’ll have a huge collection.

However, there are many different motives that go beyond the enjoyment of the anime all by itself. Some other things to consider include:

The purchase of figures can assist the to get the series approved. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters was given its own television show after selling for the game’s trading cards began. Yu-Gi-Oh! even featured its own line of figures, including the first manufactured by Mattel dating back to 1996. This was also instrumental in pushing the studio’s production of the animated series which led to a multi-million dollar franchise. Additionally the Fate franchise continues to receive new games and animated because of its massive merchandise sales. Actually, the well-known Gundam anime was initially launched to increase the sales of their kit kits! It are thus a fantastic method to show your support for your favorite series and to encourage companies to produce more anime.

Another reason to get figures is joining the community of anime collectors which can be found on the internet, like Reddit or Facebook as well as offline. Find a group offline at an online hobby store or forming your own group along with your colleagues, is a great opportunity to share the fun. Being part of a community is essential and having a group of friends who share your hobbies or passion is a great reason to begin collecting.

Many people purchase figures to invest in financial security since most figures appreciate in time. Some buy figures to showcase their individuality. It’s not only about the show they enjoy and the look of the figure that shows their individuality, whether adorable, shounen-like or more an edgy.

Before buying a figure, make sure you know the!

What is your top characters or anime?

Begin with your personal choice from anime can be the most effective method to begin. Explore the diverse choices for each character or series. Some online shops categorize their inventory by series, making it even more convenient for customers. Check out the various figures and determine if you see something you’d like to purchase.

If you don’t have a distinct idea of the character or series you want to create you might start by deciding on the kind of figure you think is the most. A few of the most beginner-friendly figures include Nendoroids, Pop Up Parade Prize figures, tiny plushies. Apart from price, they aren’t big enough to be displayed easily in many rooms. For instance, a Nendoroid for instance, can only take up just a tiny amount of the desk space.

It can be difficult for an uninitiated to search through unfamiliar subjects while searching for the ideal character, but having an extensive look at websites for anime figures is an excellent method to get familiar with the prices and preferences of your personal.

You have a figure, now what?

You can create scenes, put it at your workstation, display it, bring it to meet-ups and even draw it. With so many options to do, it is possible to play around with it and pose in any way you wish!

We have some suggestions to keep it in good condition, but they are:

Make sure to keep that original container in perfect condition, if you can. This will be a huge aid when making a value assessment of the piece at a later date.
Figures generally are in top shape in a room that is not exposed to bright sunlight and in dry spaces. A regular dusting using feather dusters or a gentle blowdown using a can of compressed air can go far in maintaining your figures in top state of repair.
You might want to build or purchase display cases If you wish to store large figures securely.
Be attentive to any children or pets who might push your brand new anime character off the shelves? Are there children that could be watching your hentai character? Be aware of your surroundings particularly in case it’s a shared space.
Since figures aren’t the most durable objects in the world you should think about bubble wrapping them or putting them back in their original boxes in the event that you’re bringing your collection across the globe.

Where do I go from here?

Now you are aware of the various kinds of anime characters and why collecting is an enjoyable aspect in anime. Perhaps you’ve just gone out and bought a new figure and are now content with your main collection piece! Be sure to take treatment of your collection, stay aware of storage and take pleasure in your participation in the collector’s world. But what now?

Now comes the fun part , where you can’t put it down! Browse through the hundreds of figures, show your collection to your acquaintances and, most importantly, have fun with your new pastime. We thank you for taking the time to read this guide, and we wish you a warm welcome to our collection of figures!