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The Dangers of Unused Fireworks

Our customers are always contact with us via email, over the phone or by popping into our showroom to inquire about a variety of questions about fireworks. Like you would expect, the majority of them are related to our products as well as our professional wedding fireworks displays We do however get occasional odd and even odd-looking question that comes up.

An interesting question that inspired this piece, dealt with the best way to dispose of old fireworks. We were told by a friend that they found some fireworks in an old lock-up which had not been cleaned out in over ten months.

In the past we have considered storing any leftover fireworks safely. What do you need to do if, like our customer, you’ve discovered some old fireworks and want to get rid of them safely or you’ve had your own display in the past and you’ve recently discovered some old fireworks you’d lost track of.

Old Fireworks Don’t Mean Anything

If your fireworks are old doesn’t mean you must perform anything extra on top of what you normally take care of when disposing fireworks.

What exactly does it mean to properly eliminate fireworks?

Just Set Them Off!

What’s the point, why not just light the fireworks you have just found? Fireworks aren’t a thing that will last forever, as we explained last year. While there is a possibility that your fireworks will not fire correctly or at all it isn’t putting your life at risk by attempting. If the fireworks don’t go off, it is true that you’ll need to let them sit in the ground for approximately 24 hours in order to be sure they aren’t lit and will not explode in your face But other than that, there’s nothing to worry about.

If you are in a position that you’re not sure of the kind of firework or aren’t up to with the most current firework laws and regulations of your country, you should check before putting them out.
The ideal scenario is to have your enjoyment be ruined and be getting arrested because you are setting off illegal fireworks without realizing it!

If You Decide to dispose of them

If you’re not a firework lover and have just found your fireworks the way our client did, you may well need to get rid of them in a secure manner. Although they could be disposed of in the trash of your day, first you should remove them from the earth by ‘drowning’ them. 48 hours in water will remove all explosive elements and make them inert. When you’re done, you can dispose of the fireworks in your trash, and the water is to be poured on the garden, not down the drain since it could contain nitrates or other pollutants. They won’t harm the plans of yours, and may even provide added nutrition to them.

Recycling of Old Fireworks Safety

If you decide to start fireworks with your old ones or to submerge them prior disposal, ensure you stay protected while you do so.

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