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The Essential Trailer Parts

Every owner of a trailer should think about keeping spare parts of their trailer on hand. This is a great idea if you’ve owned your vehicle for some time and it requires maintenance, or when it’s damaged by an accident while out in the open. It is fortunate that there is an abundance of towing spares and trailer parts that can help out in the event of an emergency. There are, naturally towing and trailer parts that can be used in almost any situation possible. That’s why it’s difficult to decide where to begin! Here are five types of trailer parts we suggest purchasing the most to be ready for whatever travel adventures come at you.

Five essential parts to keep in your bag:

Mud guards

Mud guards are an unappreciated component of every trailer. While the wheels and tyres are vulnerable to splashing while the trailer travels over rough terrain – an issue that is not too significant but you might be shocked to find out that it’s unlawful to not protect your wheels. A good plastic mudguard will aid in protecting and enhance the look of your truck. They are available in a variety of sizes that will be able to fit on your trailer’s wheels including the 8-inch, 10-inch, and 13-14 inches.

Tyres and spare wheels

If you suffer a puncture on your tire or a damaged wheel can cause you and your trailer to be in a bind if you’re not prepared. This is why having spare tires and wheels are two of the most vital parts for your trailer that you should keep on at hand. A 400×8 wheel and tyre set from Ifor Williams is among the most flexible items you could purchase, since this size is the standard for a lot of European flat-pack style trailers.

Wheel wrenches

You may have a spare wheel in your garage, but you’ll also require the correct wrench to install it correctly! A wheel wrench that extends is usually a flexible option, since they are equipped with drive sockets that can be reversible that are different sizes. They can be extended to provide more the leverage needed in tightening and loosening the wheel.

Lighting boards

As with mud guards, lighting boards are a legally required part of your trailer to ensure it is safe and easily visible to motorists. Lighting boards like this 4’6″ model can be found with a cable that is used to power the lights and a rear fog lamp as well as mounting holes.

Security cables

Last but not least, don’t to neglect the safety for your vehicle! The security cable you have installed will ensure that your trailer remains secure and safe when it’s being parked. Sterling’s security cables are offered in thicknesses of 12mm and 15mm and are resistant to hacksaws.