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Types of Glow Sticks

Glow sticks can be a favored toy and party item which have been in existence for a long time. They are composed of two plastic tubes which are joined with the flexible tube. The tube inside contains hydrogen peroxide, a chemical and the outside tube has a chemical called diphenyl oxide. If the tubes snagged together, the two chemicals combine to produce a glowing substance.

They were created in the 1960s in the beginning by a scientist named James W. Hicks. Hicks was employed by an organization called Dow Chemical, and he was trying to design an entirely new kind of flashlight. He accidentally caused the chemical reaction that gave an intense light, and He realized this could also be utilized to produce glow sticks.

Glow sticks first became popular in the early 1970s and soon became a hit for both adults and children. They were particularly popular during evening events like party and concert. They were utilized by police officers, since they could provide a visible signal during low-light conditions.

How Do Glow Sticks Function

Glow sticks function through a process known as the chemiluminescence. Chemiluminescence is a form of light-emitting device that is caused through the chemical reaction. For glow sticks it is a chemical reaction between diphenyl and hydrogen peroxide theoxalate. When these two substances are combined they create a compound known as an oxalate ester. The oxalate ester can be unstable, and is quickly broken down into phosphorescence and water. Phosphorescence is one type of light emission produced by the release energy from an atom or molecule which is excited. The energy released is as light and may last for a long time.

Different types of Glow Sticks

There are a variety of different kinds of glow sticks to choose from. The most commonly used one is the disposable stick. These glow sticks are disposable objects that are generally removed from the market after they have been utilized. There are reusable glow sticks that are recharged by exposure to the light. These glow sticks are generally made from a strong plastic material and are suitable to serve a variety of uses.

Safety Precautions

They are generally safe to use however there are some safety precautions to be observed. First the glow sticks should never be opened because the chemicals contained inside could cause harm should they come into contact with eye or skin. Additionally, glow sticks shouldn’t be heated, since this may cause the chemicals to react, resulting in an intense flash of light. In addition glow sticks should never be placed near flames, since this can create the ignition of a fire.

Environmental Impact

Glow sticks are constructed from various substances, such as plastic, glass, and chemical. If they are not properly disposed of they may end being disposed of in incinerators or landfills. In landfills, the glow sticks can release toxic chemicals into the groundwater and soil. In incinerators where glow sticks are used, they release harmful chemicals into the air.

There are many methods to dispose of glow sticks safely. One option is to take them to an unsafe garbage disposal facility. Another option is recycling them. There are several companies that recycle glow sticks as well as other electronic scrap.


Glow sticks make for a popular and fun toy that has been in use for many years. They are simple to use and are suitable to serve a range of functions. However, it’s important that you are aware security precautions to be followed in the use of glow sticks.