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What do I look for when buying a roof box?

You may be trying to figure out how you can fit the entire family with all their belongings into your car. If you’re thinking about the possibility of upgrading your wheels or buying the latest motor, do not bother. You need the roof box.

It’s possible to think that the roof boxes are similar. But you’re wrong. They come in many dimensions and shapes, with various capacities for carrying and methods to open. The material they’re constructed of, the ease with which they glide through air, and the quality of their locking mechanisms can differ between models. Learn our tips for selecting the most suitable box.

How much do you have in your savings?

Like most things in life, you’ll receive the value you pay for with roof boxes. The more affordable the box, and the less the material, and the less it’s fittings, and the shorter time it’s likely to last. The thinner shells are more likely to shake as speed of air increases to 70mph. Seals could be opened and you may arrive with your luggage wet in the event of rain. Locks that aren’t as good quality the roof box that isn’t as good could become more susceptible to thieves who want to steal the property of other people.

How much capacity can roof boxes add?

A roof box can provide between 300 to 500 pounds of luggage space your vehicle. It’s an odd concept. It is likely that you will need an item that can be contained in a box things like coats and soft bags. We recommend using capacities in the form of litres to get an idea of the size and paying careful attention to the dimensions of the boxes to ensure that you have enough space for what you require to transport.

How big of a box will I need?

Roof boxes are available in a variety of sizes and sizes, so you must decide what you intend to use it for. For instance you can find slim boxes that permit you to install a cycle kayak, a carrier or skis on another portion on the top. You can also get one that takes all the roof. A box of medium width is the best option. This provides plenty of space for transport and allows you to place at least one bicycle on the other side on the top. Additionally, you can purchase long boxes if you want to transport heavier things.

What do you think about opening?

Roof boxes are available with various opening and closing mechanisms. The one you select will depend on the location you live in and the size of your box will be. Some hinges are on the right side, while others hinge on the left and a few are hinged from both ends. If you’re buying a small box, you don’t need it to be able to pivot to the vehicle’s side that the box is placed on. Also, you shouldn’t need to be standing on the road to load it up when you’re on vacation. However you might be limited to the locations you can put it in when you’re back home.

What is the location of the box

To attach a car roof box it will require roof bars. Like those roof box, you are able to purchase them from franchised main dealers. However, like the roof box, it’s likely be made by a manufacturer like Thule and Kamei and then manufactured by the company. A good bar from a reputable company could be cheaper, but of the same quality. Roof boxes are made to glide across the air with minimal resistance, and thus the least amount of noise. But, you could get noisy roof bars. It is recommended to purchase good top quality roof bars and manufacturers like Thule as well as Yakima have developed bars made to reduce drag, which can cause noise. A final tip A good quality box will fit any high-end set of bars.