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What is creative play?

The benefits of play that is creative The importance of creative toys: Why they are crucial to the growth of children

While working as a team at the North Pole and seeing the magic of Christmas toys each day we are aware of how crucial creative toys as well as imaginative play can be to the development of children.

It’s not just our opinions – many studies have demonstrated that allowing kids to play playful play can be beneficial to their physical, mental and social wellbeing.

What is the definition of creative play?

Creative play is any activity that stimulates the imagination and encourages creativity. It is most effective when it’s self-initiated, autonomous, i.e. the child is the one who decides what to play with and the way they’ll play.

This allows children to pick and create their own rules for play without having to rely on the criticism or judgment of their parents. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot participate in your child’s play , but they are the ones who lead the way!

Child psychologists believe that there are greater developmental benefits from playing with “truly artistic toys’, like dolls, blocks and cuddly toys, in contrast to ‘passive’ toys such as televisions, computer games tablets, smartphones or tablets which limit the usage of imagination.

Creative play covers many different activities. Every child is likely to take pleasure in some way. If it’s drawing or painting making with wooden blocks , or Lego imaginative toy are loved by virtually every person. Children can create their own world by playing with dolls or soft toys, or dress up and pretend play. Anything that inspires children to think creatively and develop their own ideas helps in the development of children.

Benefits of playing with creativity

This study from The American Academy of Pediatrics found numerous benefits of creative play. Their research suggests that offering the possibility of free play along with opportunities for social and academic enrichment are essential for the development of healthy children.

There are numerous recognized benefits of creativity that can be classified into three categories:

Social and emotional benefits of creative play: Playing in a creative way can allow children to let their emotions out that can contribute in strengthening their egos by releasing their emotions in the process of building resilience, as well as helping to control their impulses. Creative play also helps to improve the social skills of children as they are playing together, negotiating guidelines of the game, solving conflicts, and enjoying each other’s company, and enhancing the communication skills.
The cognitive benefits of play Math fundamentals and problem-solving concentration, and even the ability to think scientifically can all be improved through creative playas children discover ways to reach the goal they seek by engaging in a game or other activity.
Physical benefits of playing creatively Playing with creative toys is the ideal tool to help improve motor and fine hand-eye coordination and motor skills as children get better with small toys such as Lego or building blocks Lego or using a pencil or paintbrush when drawing. Play that is creative by nature is also more physically-based rather than passive.

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Of course, playing passively that involves gaming on computers or screens does have its place. I would certainly not be capable of taking a shower without interruption or complete making dinner without the help of the goggles!

However, embracing our leisure time as much as we can by stimulating creative play can only be beneficial. This is the reason why our the range of creative toys is designed to stop the practice of passive entertainment and encourage children to engage in imaginative play as often as it is possible.

A break from our busy and hectic lives for time for play is not just something that the entire family can benefit from and enjoy, but also an opportunity to make happy memories of childhood that last for a lifetime. We’re definitely in support of that!