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Reasons To Visit A Vancouver Massage Therapist

The benefits of regular massage at West End massage therapy could include better sleep, greater concentration and energy, and health benefits from relieving discomfort and aches.

1. Reduces stress

The most important benefit of massage is the most important benefit. Many clients of massage say that massage aids in dealing with stress and feels more focused. A 2005 study showed that breast cancer patients who had massage every week for three hours found they felt less angry and depressed, and a study from 2010 that was published within The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine discovered that massage therapy increased patients their white blood cell counts and increased the amount of lymphocytes that circulate which, in turn, can increase the immune system. Massage also was found to decrease depression and anxiety in a meta-analysis conducted in 2004 of 37 studies. The results showed that massage helped reduce depression and anxiety.

2. Encourages positive hormone production

Massage can help release endorphins (the body’s personal “feelgood hormone”). These are amino acids that function like the body’s naturally-produced painkiller.

In addition to helping reduce stress, massage may assist in stopping the overproduction of certain hormones, such as adrenaline, which is known as the “flight or fight” hormone. Your muscles get tense, as your body is unable to distinguish between the grizzly bear that is dangerous and a grumpy boss. This tension can worsen existing muscular ailments or cause discomfort by itself. Stress also triggers cortisol, which may suppress your immune system. It can also reduce the libido, and contribute to weight gain.

3. Reduces pain and aches

Regular massages can help with back pain, a frequent reason to miss working. In the Group Health Research Institute study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in 2006, one-third of people who had a massage once a week for 10 weeks noticed they had less back pain. This was in contrast to only one out of 25 who continued to receive their normal care.

4. Improves energy levels

Massage stimulates blood circulation. This can increase the efficiency of organ function, especially in the removal of toxic substances. According to a tiny research conducted during 1996, conducted by the Touch Research Institute, it may even cause you to feel more alert.

5. Massages are good for you!

There is no doubt that massage is relaxing and gives you the opportunity to relax away from the demands of work and technology.

An expert’s opinion

Urban Massage’s chief Therapist Geoffrey Owden said: “Getting into a routine of regular massages has immense advantages. Your body will remember what you’ve done to it. If you handle it in a manner that isn’t optimal that is like working for 8 hours straight such as in the office you must reverse the harm.”

“Having regular massages can help you reset your body systems – not only the muscles, but also manage your hormones and mood, and generally help you feel healthier.”

When should I receive an appointment for a massage?

Geoffrey thinks that every wellbeing rituals should be done in the most regular way feasible. “If I were the king of the world all people would get every single day a massage. But I know this isn’t feasible for the majority of people.”

“Having an appointment every week for a massage is pretty great however, if you are unable to do that, consider alternating a weekly massage with a yoga practice or something similar on other weeks. Or whatever works the best way for your lifestyle and helps you ease into relaxation.”

“There are many advantages to massage such as more restful sleep, less anxiety, improved energy levels and circulation. If you are able to keep it up as a routine you will feel the improvement.”