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How A Wedding Videographer Can Make Your Big Day Really Special

Ten reasons on why we think that hiring a wedding videographer to capture your special day on film is a fantastic concept…

If you speak to any of your married friends who employed a wedding videographer to capture their special day it is almost certain that they will say that it was definitely worth the cost! There’s a reason for it wedding videographers don’t appear to be at the top of the list of priorities when it comes time to select wedding vendors, but there’s absolutely nothing to why every couple shouldn’t think about including a wedding videographer in your wedding budget from the beginning.

We’ve seen a range of fantastic wedding videographers working across every wedding venue we have, and the work that they’ve produced post-wedding, we can say with confidence that we’re 100% convinced it’s essential to have a wedding videographer on hand at the wedding is an absolute must.

Below are our top ten reasons we think hiring videography for your wedding to record your memories of your event on video is an GREAT idea!

1. An unforgettable souvenir of your wedding day

The day of your wedding will likely pass by quickly however the wedding videography that a videographer can capture your celebration from before your ceremony to your evening reception will help you remember your best day ever for years to follow.

2. See things you wouldn’t have experienced otherwise

You’ll never know the reactions of your guests to certain aspects of your wedding day. However, on film you’ll have the ability to examine the reactions of everyone and observe things you may not have seen if you didn’t hire the cinematic wedding videographer.

3. Photograph family members and friends at the stage of their lives

If you’re inviting grandparents, aunts cousins, uncles, toddlers, teens or newborns, it’s be amazing to review the wedding footage in decades to witness how things have changed since then and today. The memory of your lifetime grandparents, for example will be priceless.

4. Your wedding videographer can get creative

A wedding video today doesn’t look as great as the ones you watched in the 1980s. Today’s Wedding Videographers are experts in the use of top of the range equipment, music, and digital imagination to transform your wedding video into something you’ll love to replay over and over for years to come.

5. Make sure to share your wedding footage on social media

Aside from watching your wedding video at home in a loop, the wedding videographer may be able to produce an edited version of your wedding video to share with your loved ones on social media.

6. A wedding videographer might not cost as much as you think.

If you did not include a wedding videographer’ into your wedding budget at all because you think it might cost a lotof money, then make sure you re-evaluate your options. Shop around, contact wedding videographers to learn what you can expect for your money . Also, be sure to evaluate prices based on the length of time you’d like them to stay for during the day/night. You might be shocked.

Top Tip:

If you’re eager to have a wedding videographer but the cost is well over your budget, can you sacrifice other aspects of your wedding day, such as cutting back on wedding flowers, wedding favors or the cake?

7. A keepsake for your future children

If you’re planning to have kids in the next few years, or if you’ve already had them before you get married and you have a wedding day video that reflects your wedding is something they will treasure and look back on in the years to come.

8. Relive your best day again…and again…and and…

When your wedding is over, we’re pretty sure that you’ll be wishing you could replay the day every time. If you have a wedding video the incredible emotions and memories will come flooding back.

9. Capturing the real emotion

There are numerous parts of a wedding day when emotions are high. beginning with the husband of bride looking at his daughter all dressed to the nines and walking down the aisle, and most likely, the speeches during the evening meal. Having these emotions captured on film can be emotional to be looking back at.

10. No regrets

You don’t want to go to the end of the wedding and discover that you’d rather have hired a wedding videographer! It’s best to look into all options during your planning when it’s something you are considering.