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Is Profhilo suitable for everyone?

What is the different of Dermal Fillers and Prohilo?

Dermal Fillers are used to add the volume of specific areas on the face (ie “plumping” of the face). This is why they’re extremely effective in making lips appear plumper and the cheeks appear less wrinkled, etc. Profhilo is a treatment that hydrates using hyaluronic acid distributed evenly across the face.

What is it that makes Profhilo so efficient?

Some women – or even men – need a volumising filler to get the desired results. Additionally, some people would like to enhance their skin and appear more youthful instead of getting rid of wrinkles. Another reason Profhilo treatment Newcastle performs well is that it contains one of most concentrated levels of hydraulic acid that is available on the cosmetics market.

Is Profhilo suitable for everyone?

We do not recommend this treatment for pregnant women or those who are still nursing. However, we do recommend it to women and men who are over 30 who wish to appear and feel younger and also revitalized.

Are there any restrictions on my daily routine after my treatment at Profhilo?

There is no need to alter your lifestyle drastically following Profhilo. Resuming work the following day, if you wish but avoid intense physical activity or exercising or playing sports. It’s an excellent idea to avoid steam for a couple of days following – so avoid saunas!

What are the limitations before getting Profhilo treatment?

To reduce the possibility of bruises caused from injections, it’s recommended to stay clear of drinking alcohol for up to 24 hours before the injection. The same reason is why you should make sure you stay away from anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin and Ibuprofen for up to seven days before the time your treatment date.

What speed will I be able to notice the effects of Profhilo?

There will be an immediate change. There might be a bit of swelling initially, but this will diminish within the next 24 hours (and typically after 5 hours). The next day, you can expect to be complimented for the way your skin is, but not asked if you’ve had treatment. Also there will be no evidence of having been to the clinic!

Are there any adverse negative effects from Profhilo?

There aren’t many side effects. There is a possibility of swelling or bruising in the area where the skin was injected , but this won’t persist for long. There are some who notice a slight redness and tenderness that can last for up to a week.

The reason there is an lowered risk of adverse negative effects is because your body produces naturally hyaluronic acids on the surface (as as in the connections between the eyes as well). Its function is to keep the tissue in a moist state. This means that there is less chance experience an allergic reaction the injections, or to refuse the gel.

Do people apply Profhilo in other parts in the body?

The treatment can also be administered to areas like the decollate and neck regions to increase smoothness and improve the impression of firmness. The same reason is why patients like the injections into their hands, arms and knees, too.