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How long will the MOT test take?

The Importance of an MOT

The MOT, or Ministry of Transport test – is essential to making sure that the vehicles that travel on UK roads maintain an essential level of roadworthiness. In 1960, the first time MOT was introduced the test is now a fundamental element of maintaining and operating automobiles across the UK.

Since the MOT extension, which was put in place to ensure that key workers were on the move during the coronavirus outbreak, is over the number of people are flocking to garages to get their cars MOT’d. What exactly is MOT and what’s the reason to purchase one? Let’s find out.

How do you define an MOT?

An MOT is a maintenance check-up carried out once a year on cars over three years old. An MOT certified tester will conduct the test and focus on key areas of the vehicle, including brakes, lighting, and the windshield wipers. In addition, they’ll run an emissions test to make sure that the vehicle is in compliance with standards.

Are there any components of a car which an MOT doesn’t check?

Although an MOT test will check over many aspects of a vehicle, there are some parts which aren’t examined. A MOT tester will not look into the engines, the gearbox or clutch system, although they’re still needed to be in good functioning order. For instance, if a car can’t be driven onto an inspection ramp under its own power, it’s going to be rejected immediately.

How much will an MOT cost me?

Although you’ve probably seen garages offering’special offers” on MOTsin reality, the fact is that the highest price they can charge by law is £54.85. Much like with everything else you should search around to ensure you’re paying for the right amount.

If your car fails its MOT, you’ll be able to book it back to have a retest in part at the same test centre, which is usually no cost or at a discounted cost. You’ll have to retest within 10 days to become eligible, however.

How will the MOT exam be?

Though an MOT test Cheltenham usually lasts between 45 to an hour, if your car needs any additional work done, you could be waiting longer. We’d recommend planning that your vehicle will be on the road for the entire day just in case it requires more work.

What happens if my car is parked?

If your vehicle has passed the MOT test you’ll be given an award certificate from the test centre, in addition, the pass will be recorded on an online database that is national. Also, you’ll be given a report of any ‘minor’ or “advisory’ problems that need to be examined and fixed in the near future. You can then drive the car away.

If my vehicle fails its MOT, will I be permitted to drive it?

If your car is not passing its MOT, and the certificate has expired, then garages won’t let you go away in the same way as you would normally. However, if your vehicle’s certificate is valid (if it’s within the expiry date on your test certificate) then you’re able to drive it away, as long as it’s not had hazardous defects noted against it.

If this is the case, then you can’t leave the test centre. This could make you liable to a fine of up to £2,500 in the event of being caught in the process, and also 3 penalty points to your licence and possibly even an immediate ban on driving.

You’ll have to get these issues addressed and the vehicle tested. If it passes, then you’ll be allowed to drive away.

Can I drive on my own sans an MOT?

Absolutely certainly not. If caught, you’ll be handed a fixed-penalty note of £100. Although no penalty points will be granted if you’re discovered to be driving without having an MOT. A penalty could be imposed by the courts up to the tune of 1,000 £.

Are any cars not required to have an MOT?

There’s a tiny number of cars which don’t need to get an MOT in order to drive legally. These include cars that are powered by electricity , first registered on or before March 1 in 2015, as well as classic cars that were constructed or first registered more than 40 years ago.