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What are the benefits of mobile scrap metal collection in London?

The mobile scrap metal collection London service we offer at Simvic is an exclusive service. Contact us and we’ll organize to pick up your scrap. All of our vehicles have industrial scales. This means that we are able to weigh your scrap right on the spot and then we will pay you for it. We actually offer three payment options, which means you can pick the one that best suits your needs. The payment options we offer include cheque, BACS or pre-paid card. Why should you go for an on-demand collection service instead of bringing your scrap to the scrap yard on your own? There are many benefits to opting for this service. This includes:

Save time and money
It’s easy to make arrangements
Responsible recycling

Save time and money

Sorting the scrap metal you have into different grades and types to ensure you are getting the most value is time-consuming. Like loading your vehicle and then driving to the closest scrap yard. This will also cost you money in fuel. When you get to the yard for scrap, there’s any guarantee you will not be waiting around until the metal is measured.

To the contrary, arranging for your scraps to be picked up regardless of where you are it is extremely simple and will save you the time as well as money. We will pick up your scrap from your home, at your construction site, factory, or any other work place when it is suitable to you. You’ll know precisely when we’ll arrive and you won’t have to be in a limbo. Additionally, you won’t have to pay for fuel for getting to the scrapyard either. This is a win-win in our opinion.

It is easy to arrange arrangements

If you contact us to us today You’ll discover how easy it is to arrange for the collection of scrap metal. We’ll set up a time and also a place that is most suitable and convenient for your needs. We are committed to punctuality and you can trust us to arrive on time. We do not like to keep clients waiting.

Responsible recycling

Working with us at Simvic We can make certain that the scrap metal you have is recycled responsibly and reused. The more metals are recycled more natural resources are required to be extracted. So, you’ll help the environment simply by arranging to take and take payment for the scrap you have. If you’re a corporation or business, you’ll be able to comply with the lawful needs for safe and responsible recycling.

Why not connect with our experts right now, in Simvic? We can collect a range of ferrous and non-ferrous metallics and combine boilers and WEEE waste.