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What Can Be Gained Through An Oxford Intensive Driving Course?

It takes a new driver about 47 hours to get their driver’s license. Of course, this will vary from person-to-person however it’s a number that the majority of people get around. If a student is taking a single lesson per week, that equates to nearly a year of studying to be a driver. A rigorous driving class is, however is designed to assist learners to pass their test in just a few weeks or days. This method of learning how to drive suit you? Here’s everything you should be aware of!

The first thing to consider is what are Oxford intensive driving courses? In simple terms it’s learning over a shorter amount of duration. There’s no strict time limit for the length of an intensive driving class will last. It depends on the level of your skill and previous experience. Some individuals will be completely novice to the driving profession, whereas others might take advantage of an intensive course to refresh their current skills and work on areas of weakness. Your instructor will test your skills and determine where you’re at.

What are the benefits?

However long the duration of your intensive course it is important to have your exam scheduled at the conclusion of your session of classes. This allows you to take your time from your intensive class to your exam, with no time for nerves , and being able to keep everything you’ve learned fresh in your mind.

A long-distance course might seem difficult for some, however for most people, the benefits are far more important than the disadvantages. Here are a few advantages that we offer in our driving training:


The primary reason for enrolling in a driving school intensive is the fact that it will save you time. If you’d like to obtain your license swiftly and without a lot of hassle An intensive course can have you removing your plates in just a couple of minutes. It’s easy to avail all the flexibility and job opportunities an L-plate for diving can provide. It’s not just to those who learn for the first time. If you’ve been unsuccessful in your tests before and are under pressure to succeed, taking an intensive course can mean you don’t have to return to the drawing board and you can swiftly regain your confidence.

You can test the standard faster

Are you the kind that is a natural under pressure? Are you the type of student who would prefer to do a cram session to pass their tests rather than taking a slow and steady route? If so, a driving class that is intensive is a great choice for you. Similar to getting familiar with any other ability, learners learn to drive in a variety of ways. If you’re looking to complete all of their education in one go rather than disperse it across time, a rigorous driving school is the ideal option.

Get your driver’s license in the most efficient (and the most secure) way possible

Is the thought of passing your driving test make you feel overwhelmed with anxiety? If so, then you must give an intense driving class to try! While it might seem that taking a plunge the deep end would not be the ideal option for people who are prone to nervousness It can be very relaxing. Many drivers who have successfully completed an intensive course claim they did not have enough time to be overwhelmed and because they had lots to think about in a short period of time their minds weren’t likely to wander.

Saves you money

A driving school that is intensive can help you save money over the long term. Although you’ll need to pay an upfront cost but this is often less costly than paying for lessons on an ongoing basis. The ability to learn in a short period of time means you’re lesser likely to be able to remember techniques learned in each lesson. This means you won’t spend time and money for lessons that cover the same material you already know! Our driving lessons are reasonably priced and we offer lessons to learner drivers of all budgets.