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What Is The Purpose Of An Export Health Certificate?

The export health certificate (EHC) can be a valid document which confirms that your export’s health standards of the country you are aiming to visit.

You’ll need to be able to apply for an EHC when you’re exporting or moving live animals or products out of Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) to or via:

the EU
non-EU nations
Northern Ireland

You’ll also require a transit EHC to travel across the EU country.

It is possible that you require an EHC for transiting through a non-EU nation. Contact the relevant authority (the equivalent to Defra) in the country.

If you require an EHC, request an EHC as usual.

You’ll require EHC EHC for each of these:

Kind of animal or product you’re exporting out of Great Britain
Type of product – when you’re exporting an item that comprises a variety of items.

If you are moving live animals or products from animals in Northern Ireland, you do not have to cover the cost to have them inspected and certified. The certifier bills authorities for the expenses in the Movement Assistance Scheme.

Exports out of Northern Ireland to the EU as well as non-EU countries

You will require an EHC for exporting live animals and products from animals in Northern Ireland to non EU countries.

It is not necessary to have an EHC for exporting in the EU.

How do I apply

You must:

Search for your pet or item
Download and read the EHC and the guidance notes – they provide the steps you’ll need to do in order to export your cargo

Be sure to contact an official veterinarian (OV) or an inspector who will verify your EHC prior to submitting any application.

If you are unable to locate the EHC you require, call APHA.

Utilize a logistics hub to transport or ship your goods

You can make use of an logistics hub to move or export items of animal origin (POAO) like:

Meat and composite products made of composite
Fish and fishery products and shellfish

A logistics hub can help you save time by speeding the border process. This is done by providing an efficient point of entry for exports and a knowledgeable staff at one place.

A logistics hub can:

Combine your products together with other products from various suppliers into one consignment
take your items and transfer them to their final destination within either the EU or Northern Ireland
Complete and complete and EHCs of your items, including access to an official who certifies your product
provide a customs brokerage service

There are a few logistics hubs that offer the same level of service. Contact your logistics provider for more information details about hubs for logistics.

Your items must be accompanied by documents to be accompanied by them when they are delivered to the logistic hub.

The person who certifies the EHC will have to review these documents prior to when they are able to certify the EHC.

Contact the logistics center for more information about the details you have to include along with your items and the best time to deliver it.

Locate an OV or inspector

You’ll need to select one of the following: OV and/or local authority inspector.

Include these in the application
Check if they have the ability to examine your shipment and then verify your EHC within the days prior to the date of your export

An OV is a person who’s was authorized by APHA to perform statutory tasks (work which is mandated by law). This guide will help you find an expert who can certify your health certificate for export.
After APHA approves your EHC application

APHA will email the EHC to your inspector or OV or notify them that it’s ready to print and download If they’re authorized to access EHC online. EHC on-line service.

7 working days prior to your date for export
in the first working day after the day you received it, if are planning to export it within the next 7 days.

If you’ve made an online application then you’ll check the date APHA has delivered your EHC to your OV or the inspector. Contact APHA in the event that your OV or inspector did have a problem receiving the EHC.

Make sure your export is examined

There are various export inspection procedures based on the country your exporting to.

Exporting out of England, Scotland or Wales

If you’ve made an application to APHA to obtain an EHC then you must make arrangements for your designated inspector or OV to complete the form, sign it and then give your EHC for you. The EHC must be transported with the consignment to its export destination. The merchandise cannot be divided during the transit.

Exports from Northern Ireland

The procedures for having your exports inspected differ the UK and Northern Ireland – check the procedure for inspection on the DAERA website.
If you have to modify the application

If you have to make modifications or withdraw an application, you can contact APHA and DAERA.

In the event that you or your inspector or OV have been registered to use this online system, then you may ask them to revoke the EHC and request an alternative.

If your export doesn’t comply with all the conditions laid within the EHC

Contact the relevant agency in the state that you’re exporting to. Competent authority is the equivalent to Defra in the country you’re exporting to. Request if they’ll grant you a waiver of the conditions you’re not able to be able to meet.

If they are willing to waive one condition, an APHA vet may give your official vet and/or inspector with a “derogation,” which grants the person an exemption, so they are able to still issue a certificate of EHC.

Include the waiver in the EHC application when you send your application APHA.

If you require assistance, please contact us.

Reach out to APHA or DAERA If you require assistance on obtaining an EHC.