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Bathroom Planning

It’s time to treat yourself and your family to a new bathroom. Congratulations! However, before you head online and browse those gorgeous bathroom furniture collections and modern bathroom suites there are some questions you should ask yourself first.

A bathroom suite will require some planning and in case you’re unsure where to begin, allow us to guide you through the process. From planning your family’s new bathroom to choosing the right fixtures, such as the bathtub as well as the shower. There’s plenty to check off. If you’re looking to install a sleek, contemporary corner shower or have you eye on a traditional free-standing bathtub, follow the steps below to plan your bathroom in the best way and prepare for your ideal bathroom.

How to Plan Your Dream Bathroom

If you’re looking for help from bathroom planners for planning the new family bathroom that you’ve been imagining and you’ve come to the right spot. Below, we have set out a clear guide to assist you in ticking off the elements that must be taken into consideration for your bathroom design ideas.

The Top 10 Tips for Planning for a New Bathroom Suites

To make a checklist of your brand-new bathroom suite you can refer to the list of 10 considerations below. The task of fitting an entirely new bathroom must be delegated to a professional in case you don’t have any experience However, there are some tips to help you get the basics complete. If you’re looking to increase your home sale value, there’s nothing better to accomplish this than to improve your bathroom’s fixtures and overall look.

1. Plumbing: High or Low Pressure?

It’s not an exciting one to think about when it comes to selecting the design of your bathroom. However, it is important to be aware of. Different water pressure systems will influence the kind of shower you can install on your bathroom. This is influenced by total plumbing needed, as well as having a bearing on your heating plans, so you must be aware of what to expect in terms of pricing.

Combi-boilers tend to be high pressure and the older-fashioned hot water tanks in airing cupboards typically have low pressure. Bathrooms of today are demonstrating a rising trend to have a luxurious shower enclosure even in the absence of bathing and there’s the present abundance of choices to meet this growing need.

Always make sure you consult about your plumbing with an expert in case you’re not sure of precise information. This is a crucial aspect of planning your bathroom renovation and one that needs to consider everything that is related to the technical aspects.

2. Style

The look of your new bathroom suite is one of the best parts of the process of constructing it. Whether you choose to go for a period-style bathroom with tubs that roll up or a wet space that features a cutting-edge quadrant shower enclosures design, there’s an abundance of bathroom layout options there. In actuality, it may be difficult to perfect them to create an ideal bathroom suite for you.

We always recommend first and foremost that you establish a clear budget for your bathroom remodel. Bathroom fixtures including the bath (if suitable) shower, toilets are all costly but this doesn’t mean you won’t get value for money when making your bathroom.

One of our best tips is to determine the bathroom designs that are feasible depending on the budget you have set, once the decision is made, you’ll be able decide on the products you want to purchase. There will be the lighting in your bathroom, tiles, and flooring as part of this.

3. Eco-friendly Design

Many people are making their homes more eco-friendly and a bathroom could be an ideal place to begin. Water wastage is a big problem and because of this numerous bathroom manufacturers are opting to launch products to decrease your use. It also helps you since you’ll be paying lower bills for your home too!

If you’re planning to integrate sustainability into your bathroom, you should choose a model that is focused on recycling. You won’t have to worry about installation as this kind of shower is installed the same way as a standard shower and can do wonders for an environmentally-conscious family. You can also find other items that can help save energy like light-up mirrors made of LEDs, not fluorescent tubes.

Other elements of your bathroom design that could be environmentally friendly include flooring that is made of recycled materials are used. It’s possible to pay some more upfront if you’re looking for the kind of flooring, but they’re generally a good choice. There are lots of furniture and accessories that you could purchase second-hand.

4. Space

If you’re struggling to the limit, consider wall-mounted furniture for the bathroom. This kind of fixture allows for enough room for comfort in a shower room and can actually make your bathroom appear larger because your eye can roam across the walls with greater ease. Wall-hung vanity units can be a great solution when space isn’t abundant, as they allow you to have more room for keeping products from being visible for the appearance of a neat and tidy.

Other methods to reduce space, if it is something that needs to be thought of for your bathroom, consider choosing corner toilets or corner basins. They can be installed by a bathroom professional and are a clever solution to accommodate the most essential elements regardless of the size of the room and still allow ease of access at the same time. Additionally, these designs work to leave more space for floor in order to create the illusion of the bathroom being larger overall. They are available in a variety of styles and don’t have to worry about any complicated plumbing system that’s typical.

Always take precise measurements of the space you have available before you decide which fixtures will go where. You also need precise measurements for the crucial fittings you pick like the bath, toilet, and sink using the tape measure. Following this, you’ll be able sketch out the design that you would like to achieve with graph paper. We suggest drawing this in the form of a scale drawing whenever possible for your bathroom.

5. Taps

If you are deciding on bathroom supplies to install, the taps may not be an appealing aspect to think about. However, the range of tap styles for the basin and bath is more diverse than ever before. Even if you are shopping for shower enclosures, taps ought to be thought of.

When you begin to search for the right taps you’ll notice that most have a monobloc mixer. That means the faucet relies on pressure and makes excellent choices for standard taps since they look sophisticated while also being stylish.

If you’re looking to make your home extra luxurious sensors will automatically turn on when movement is detected. Although this can be a fantastic feature, they could be unsuitable for homes with small children are in the house. When considering these issues, it’s a good idea to select a style that is compatible with the style you’re trying to create. The price of taps vary as can their design in terms of size and the way in which water flows into the sink or bath.

6. Space Saving Shower/Baths

So, you can’t decide between a walk-in or bathtub? The great news is, if you are limited on space, you can get both! There are plenty of great combination products specifically designed for more compact bathrooms which permit you to pick one or another. The size of your bathroom shouldn’t determine whether you can relax in a bathtub or take an easy shower.

Shower baths are gaining popularity, and there are a variety of wonderful styles and designs for bathrooms that you can choose from. It all depends on the type of shower that you want for your bath, you can find the best value for money and some super technological options too. Showering in the bath isn’t that bad since you can effortlessly move between two showers and make great savings throughout the process.

7. Heating

When deciding on the type of heating system for your bathroom renovation there are a variety of options to choose to use depending on the requirements you have. Underfloor heating in bathrooms is getting more and more popular (no prizes to guess why with the fashion for tiling and laminate flooring). The type of heating that is used can create a luxurious atmosphere in any bathroom , but it’s suitable for a wet room.

The classic column radiator offers an unbeatable practicality to any bathroom and has a timeless look. In fact, you can choose from a range of styles based on the look that you want to achieve. They are an excellent option for adding a touch luxury , but not going overboard when it comes to cost.

If you consider everything from your budget to the look you like best The heating system should be taken into consideration as an important aspect of your bathroom suite.

8. Additional Technology

Technology is constantly developing, even in the case of our own home. Nowadays, you can make use of technology to add striking designs and styles to your bathroom. It consists of sensors-operated mirrors, automated flush toilets, heated seats, and many additional things.

If you’re looking to outfit your bathroom with the most modern fittings, it is advisable to start with the main elements like the toilet and shower, before moving onto the accessories which make entering the bathroom amazing each time.

Apart from the technological advancements that assists you in the bathroom and makes it more comfortable, things like the extractor fans can be contemporary too. While there’s the classic extractor fan, which almost everyone has experienced, the more advanced type even triggers automatically upon being aware of the need to do this. Who would have thought that bathroom fittings could be this advanced?

9. Furniture and Storage

Long gone are the days of the traditional storage units in the bathroom. Although you might be hoping to get a traditional look There are a variety of bathroom solutions like floating shelves, bespoke fixtures, hooks for the wall, and many more.

If you are a huge family, storage will to be a priority. It is also important to think about the practicalities of the option you choose. A medicine cabinet is perfect to keep items out of little hands, for example since it can be mounted high on the wall.

Hooks are great to reduce space or towel rails that have a position on the walls. In accordance with the layout of your bathroom, you might be able to fit shelves for different things that allow the convenience of items to use in the shower. Whatever your budget, the options are endless when you think about this aspect of a bathroom.

10. The Final Touches and Decor

Each bathroom needs design and finishing touches to make the room look complete. Once you have chosen from the wide range of shower enclosures, and you have installed the lighting for your bathroom, the smaller items in the bathroom are worth considering. These include things like carpets (which should be a part of every room in the home) or flowers, candles, artwork and other accessories you may want to include within the space.

It isn’t necessary to spend lots of money on these little things which can be found at a variety of price point. There are a few accessories that are available at homeware shops for less than PS10 while you earn extra savings by shopping at antique shops for one of a kind pieces.

Even though you may have the toilet and other important things in place in the bathroom, the decor will bring the complete look together.