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Do You Need A Temporary Fence?

Security fences, even temporary ones, are a necessity for many reasons. If you want to better guard your construction site the materials, and the workers, take a look at these five reasons that a temporary fence might be exactly what you require.

What are the reasons you should have a temporary Fence to be constructed on your site

1. They are a way to prevent entry by unauthorized persons.

A large number of construction sites are situated in the middle of busy areas and frequently attract unwelcome visitors. Moreover, if one of the uninvited visitors is injured on the property and is injured, you may be held accountable for the cost of injuries. A temporary fence however, can help keep these trespassers away.

2. They are a way to protect your workers as well as your guests.

The site is crowded, and the safety of workers clients, potential customers, as well as officials is your main concern. Because certain areas of the site may be more dangerous than others, you could use fences to help divide the project into several sections based on the severity of risks associated with the area.

The checklist for safety in construction provided by the authority in your area can be an excellent guideline when mapping these risky areas. After you have mapped the different areas of your construction site, you can contact United Fence & Construction to put up an interim fence.

3. They help adhere to government regulations and guidelines.

There are a variety of local government authorities who provide guidelines to contractors. They may have different guidelines for each state, but safety regulations of the construction site are generally the same across states. Regardless of your property’s location, you’ll need a safety fence for construction before the work gets underway.

Failure to adhere to the guidelines could result in legal troubles. Construction costs are typically high, and you wouldn’t want to increase those costs in the event of a lawsuit for non-compliance, or a temporary suspension of construction.

Compliance also helps you avoid lawsuits from trespassers who may be injured when they are trespassing. If you do not adhere to the safety regulations, you could be forced to pay huge amounts to anyone who gets hurt on your property and this can further increase the costs of developing your site.

4. They help protect your site along with construction tools.

The open areas of your property can attract criminals who seek to damage machinery or steal construction material. Just like any other property constructed, your construction site is likely to need a fence to keep away those with bad intentions. Since your property is not yet fully developed, you might not need a permanent fence right now. A temporary fence can aid in keeping criminals out until you are able to put up the permanent fence.

A well-constructed temporary fence should offer many advantages. It is for example, it should:

Have a significant size to deter criminals who may be inclined to jump over it to tamper with your property, materials or machinery. Also, it should not be easy to climb regardless of how tall it is.
It should be strong enough to not be pulled down or easily removed. There are many kinds of fencing and materials used to build the fence. Knowing them will assist you in choosing the best temporary fence for your site.
Have limited entry points to control movement in or out of your construction area. If your fence has many entry points, controlling movement may be difficult, or installing security guards at each entry point might prove to be expensive for your needs.

5. They help control their movement and construction materials.

A checklist for safety during construction should contain a plan for preventing the unintentional movement of rock, soil, debris, or construction tools. Since you can’t limit the movement of people outside the construction area it is important to ensure that you don’t let any hazardous materials out from your construction site and causes injury to anyone who passes by it.

Injuries that can result from free-falling debris or construction tools is, therefore another reason that your site is in need of the use of a temporary fence. Fabrics for sediment management can be utilized as a temporary fence to ensure you shield people from dust coming from the site and also protecting the topsoil from erosion.