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How can I practice gas safety in my home?

It’s a fact no matter how much we’d prefer not to admit it, those dark nights are on the way with the forecast becoming worse (did we even get an actual summer? ?!). Autumn is well and truly in full swing and, while it might not be considered as the most exciting of topics but now is the time to consider your gas appliance servicing.

In this article we’ll give you a comprehensive overview of the importance of servicing, how it can save you money, what should be scheduled for servicing at your home or workplace, work, and the process of doing it.

3 Reasons Why Gas Maintenance is important

Safety and Health The health and safety of your family is more important than the wellbeing of your family, friends and loved ones. If something is not working in a safe manner with your gas appliances there are a myriad of dangers that could occur due to gas leaks, fires or even water escapes. Monitoring regularly your appliances can help avoid these.

It can save you money Making sure that your boiler is regularly serviced and that other systems are operating efficiently will result in less wasted energy and saves you money.

Energy efficient systems allow energy to be used to its fullest potential to heat your home and water. Running more efficiently means better quality , and is better for the environment too.

Which Gas Appliances Need Servicing?

You may just think boiler maintenance is the only appliance that requires regular care. However, this is not the case. As homeowner, you need to be checking you have all your gas-powered appliances (including but not limited to boilers, cookers, hobs and heaters), flues and pipework are serviced annually. This is the only way to ensure they are safe for your home.

If anything is wrong, a gas engineer can give you advice. If you are regular in your maintenance, you will feel confident that everything is in properly and is operating just as it should.

Who is able to carry out a Gas Service?

No matter what appliance you’re getting serviced, it’s essential that you let a gas safe registered engineer carry out repairs to any gas-powered appliances. You can check if the engineer is registered on the Gas Safe website. Registered engineers will always wear their gas safe badge.

Is Gas Appliance Service a Legal Requirement?

If you’re a home-based household, then no. But, it’s a good idea.

As a landlord it is legal to install a gas line for each gas appliance within each home annually.

It’s the Gas Servicing Checklist

There are a variety that gas systems, appliances, and gas systems and each one can be analyzed in a different manner based on the type of appliance and the fittings. But, generally speaking, a gas service includes:

Reviewing all seals to ensure they are up to standard
Verify that all controls are in operation for the appliance.
Re-examining all components
Checking flues and combustion releases
Monitoring gas flow and pressure throughout the system
The water and pipework is all working ok
All electrical connections work
Adequate safety devices are present and are in place.

The list below is not comprehensive it is merely a collection of safe gas and plumbing points that should be considered. Gas engineers with a valid license can verify the details with you about every job.

When to get your gas appliances serviced

Now is always the perfect timing, especially if it is over a year since your appliances were last scheduled for maintenance.

The first week of autumn is the ideal moment to get this task done. Think about it, we’re on the run-up to winter and the temperature is only going to go in one direction. Your systems will feel ever more stress over the next 5-6 months. Making sure that they’re running properly can make them more efficient will save you more in winter and will give you peace of mind.