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Let the Light In: Understanding the Rising Popularity of Skylights

Skylights are one of the few home improvements that give an instant “wow” effect. By letting in a lot of natural light, windows create interesting focus points and a light, open feeling inside. Here, we’ll look at what’s making skylights so popular, as well as the different ways they can be designed and the many benefits they offer for homes.

How do skylights work?

Skylights are holes in the ceiling, walls, or sloped roofs that are covered with glass or clear plastic to let in light from the outside. They come in different shapes like squares, rounds, and triangles, and there are different ways to frame and glass them. There are roof units, tube units, and wall units. Sizes can vary a lot based on the room and how much light you need.

Getting More Popular in Homes

By 2030, the global market for skylights is expected to be worth $11 billion, and the number of skylights being put in is expected to grow. Why are they becoming more and more popular?

Skylights add a “wow factor” to home renovations that quickly make rooms look newer. They add a feeling of lightness and space and get rid of gloom. Skylights are also easier to install and use less energy because of new technology. As people spend more time at home, the benefits of windows call to them.

There is a lot of natural light without sacrificing privacy. Skylights, unlike windows, let light come in from above at an angle. This lets a lot of light into a room without letting anyone see in or out. Where it’s most needed, light shines.

When put in the right places, energy efficiency Modern improvements like tinting, thermal pane glass, and vented units with blinds cut down on heat loss, making skylights energy-efficient. In the winter, passive solar heat from the sun is especially useful in units that face south. Strategic placement strikes a good mix between light and speed.

Natural light is good for your health and well-being. Studies show that sunlight has benefits like making your body make more vitamin D, regulating your circadian rhythms so you sleep better, and making you feel better. “Light therapy” can be done all year with skylights.

Choices for personalization Skylights can be made in any shape, size, or material, so they can fit any style. Choose a high-end finish, such as bronze, copper, or wood-grain. Use crystal or painted glass to make a statement or keep things simple. There are many ways to design it.

Adding value for resale The selling value of a home goes up if the windows are well-made and look nice. Surveys show that windows are one of the best home improvements. When they are for sale, their “wow factor” brings in more money.

As skylights get better and easier to install, people are realising how much light they let in and how nice they look. When used in a thoughtful way, they make rooms feel warm and full of character. It has a wide and lasting attraction.