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Reasons to buy LED Bulkhead lights?

In the event that you want to be part of an LED movement, it is possible that you might not know which type of LED light is most suitable for your requirements.

In order to make it easier to decide which light is right for your requirements we look to provide all the information and specifics you require to be aware of.

A popular selection of LEDs is the Bulkhead. Why are these bulbs being bought and what benefits can they bring? Let us explain.

What’s the difference between an LED Bulkhead?

LED bulkhead lights are named after the bulkhead fitting. It is an item which connects the casing of light to the surface or wall. This tough, effective lighting solution can endure harsh situations and busy areas which makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor lighting alike.

They may not be known for their gorgeous designs or eye-catching glamour however, LED bulkhead lighting are extremely practical and efficient.

A LED bulkhead light is an excellent way to take advantage of all the advantages of LED lighting while saving on energy costs.

What kind of Bulkheads are there?

Within our selection of bulkhead light bulbs is the 2D model of bulkhead. Built with chrome or white polycarbonate, these lights come with an IP rating IP65. This is the rating method used to measure the penetration of solid objects or liquids into a fitting. An IP65 rating means the light is suitable for use in bathroom and indoor outside areas because of its anti-penetration design.

Our 2D LED bulkhead lights also come in a selection of models to suit your needs. These lights have microwave sensors, which means the light only turns on when there is a person close by. This means less energy is used as compared to normal, which saves owners cash.

There are also 3 hour emergency options for areas such as fire escapes, as well as a setting combining microwave sensor and 3 hour emergency.

They also come with corridor functions, which means the light will only be on at times that are required, and then shut off when not in use.

A different option is our die-cast bulkheads with 16W LEDs. They’re a contemporary outdoor wall lighting solution, coming with an elegant aluminium casing and an opal-polycarbonate diffuser to ensure that light is evenly distributed across a space.

The lights are equipped with 36 inches x 0.5W LEDs This LED bulkhead light are only consuming 16W of energy, but put out more than 1700 lumens upon use. This makes them an excellent option for anyone looking to reduce their energy consumption.

We offer a circular, die-cast option, in addition to an eyelid model that could favor certain locations and needs, such as parts of gardens that suit low lighting.

The LED round bulkheads are available with three choices – normal, microwave sensor, and emergency. Microwave sensor signifies that the light turns on instantly when movement occurs, while emergency indicates that an output of 120 lm is continuously generated for three hours.

LED bulkheads that have PIR are a popular choice currently. They have an infrared PIR sensor that means the lights are activated through movements. If you’re looking for high-quality, energy-efficient, movement-activated light bulbs for outdoor areas such as gardens, side entrances or parts of your office These 7W LED bulkhead outdoor wall lights meet the criteria. With 140 degree beam angle and a dusk until dawn choice, those who require high-quality outdoor lighting have a fantastic alternative.

There are also LED wall packs equipped with an internal 40 watt Phillips led driver. This is a multi-faceted lighting solution and comes with an aluminum fin heatsink to take heat away from the packs electronic components, and it’s Phillips LED driver improves the reliability of the light.

LED Bulkhead lights are an effective option in highlighting exit escape routes from an area. Numerous suppliers offer 4.5W exit Bulkhead lights that have three hour emergency settings as well as four self-adhesive decals for legends. These include the running man left and right, running right, arrow and exit doors. This light can be installed inside buildings and decals are able to be added according to their location. There are maintenance and non-maintained versions that are available. The light sources also have an IP65 rating, which means they can be used outside as well.

Who should consider buying LED bulkhead lights?

Anyone looking to build the office or to upgrade their workplace must think about going the LED option, since the savings on energy costs are definitely worth it.

Businesses owners seeking to join the LED revolution should take into consideration LED bulkhead lights to their workplaces, since safety procedures can be improved through clear, concise lighting, and the lights available can also be used for different requirements.

Homeowners who want to add light to their backyards, garages or driveways ought to consider LED bulkhead lights. These are a low-cost way to reinvent these spaces by providing crisp, effective lighting options.

Furthermore, our selection of LED bulkhead lights can be purchased in bulk. Therefore, if you’re selling through an outdoor store or garden centre, or an office supply store, and are looking to buy light bulbs for the customers you serve, our range is the best place to start.

Are you looking for more reasons to purchase LED Bulkheads with light?

LED bulkhead lights generally cost less to run than other light types due to their LED technology. This is because they use up less energy and resources than the other types of lights.

These reliable light fittings have a sleek design and blend beautifully to the overall aesthetic of a room. They are also easy to install, which means when you purchase them, there’s not much stress or difficulty.