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Should I Install Solar Panels To A Commercial Property In Peterborough?

The power of sunlight is an amazing source of power that we could use to power commercial buildings. Installing solar panels can make huge difference to expenses and the environment but are they suitable for all people? We’ve listed some of the advantages and disadvantages to take into consideration when choosing commercial solar panels Peterborough to figure out the best option for your company.

The benefits of commercial solar panels


One of the major advantages to commercial solar panels is they save companies cash. While the initial costs for setting up could be more expensive than other investment options but this expense can be recouped within five to seven years, and the savings will be substantial. Solar PV has a long life as well as low maintenance expenses. When you invest in solar power, your business can protect a substantial part of its energy consumption from rising costs. This will keep you ahead of evolving regulations to reduce carbon emissions, as government starts to concentrate on net zero.

Ideal for a range of business

There was an assumption about commercial solar panels appropriate for small – to medium-sized companies. In recent years technology has advanced dramatically and Solar PV can be used for any business that requires the power source and either a roof or ground area to install it. Its versatility is a great benefit for a variety of businesses that use it alone or in conjunction with another renewable energy source or used to augment energy supplied by the Grid.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

For companies looking to improve their environmental reputation solar power is an ideal investment that can significantly lower their carbon footprint as well as carbon dioxide emissions. Being a renewable energy source solar power does not cause any harmful emissions or pollution which is good for the environment, as well as your employees and guests. If your business wants to show a dedication to sustainability as part of social and business responsible plans solar PV is an efficient option that can save the environment and cut expenses.

Low maintenance, but reliable

Many business owners are concerned about changing to the latest technology particularly if the system is powering their premises and operations. With solar power, the set-up process is swift and efficient and requires only a few minutes of time without interruption. It’s also a low-maintenance system that requires minimum maintenance and service demands. Solar cells are enclosed in glass and are surrounded by non-corrosive aluminum that is able to endure exposure to elements, which means they don’t fail or require repair. A solar PV system can have an average lifespan of 30 years, and the long warranties safeguard your investment.

Things to Consider

There are many benefits of commercial solar panels however there are a limited amount of factors that have to be considered.
You’ll need some sunshine!

It’s a fact that solar panels need sunlight to produce electricity. However, there will be times where your system generates less power than other systems and the panels will not generate any power at all during the dark. When you plan your system, the output will be calculated taking into consideration the changing weather patterns and daylight hours. This will guarantee that your output or system is in line with your energy requirements prior to deciding whether or not to proceed. It might be beneficial to include battery storage in order you can keep any solar energy not required immediately by the company to be used in later time. In either case, you’ll have a grid connection which you are able to sell the excess electricity you generate and access additional energy in the event of need.

Whatever route you choose the business you run will not depend to the climate!

Space, shading and the feasibility

In order for solar panels to function effectively, they require continuous sunshine for the majority of the time. The area you have available as well as the angle of your roof and surrounding area are important, since excessively tall trees or structures can block the sun and reduce the effectiveness of the panels.

In order for a solar system to be a wise investment, the installation must produce an enormous amount of power you require. Solar panels require sufficient space. They can be roof mounted or ground mounted.

Roofs should be south-facing, but panels can be placed to form an Eastern/West divide in some instances. Ground mount systems need planning, which can delay the process of installation.

A reputable installer will make sure that you have enough unaltered space, select the correct system and it will fulfill your needs and provide the desired results.

Final thoughts

Solar energy is an investment that provides a wealth of benefits for businesses. It can provide an income of seven to ten years, but it also requires careful evaluation to decide if it’s the best option for your business. Solar power is suitable for a vast spectrum of businesses, ranging from smaller companies to various industries however, if it doesn’t be a good fit for your company it could be a different alternative that’s the best fit for your business.

It’s crucial to consider your company’s needs and set your goals with care so that you’re equipped with all the facts you require to make an informed choice. That’s where talking to experts can be helpful.