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What does an architect bring to your self build project?

Now that you’ve finally found the perfect land parcel, you’re ready to start brainstorming your vision for your self-build. Wait a minute!
While there is a temptation to do everything on your own, it can often prove costly and risky. We recommend you hire an architect to get the best results from your project. Recently, the team discussed 5 reasons you should hire an architectural firm before you start building your dream home.

1. Your self-builder architect will ….

You can create designs that suit your style and budget, as well as the requirements of the brief. There will be no need to accept cut-and-paste plans for your house. Your own architect can help you make your dream a reality. You can work with your own architect to meet your individual needs. They are skilled in many building styles and construction techniques. All registered architects with the Architects Registration Board or The Royal Institute of British Architects are able to create scale drawings and often 3D models of their self-build project. This information will be shared with you during design meetings. This allows you to be sure you are getting exactly what is required before any building work can begin.

2. Your self-builder architect will ….

You should ensure you comply with all statutory requirements, including party wall agreements, planning permission, and building regulations. When you apply for these permissions, your architect will be able to assist you with all aspects of the application process.

3. Your self-builder architect will ….

They will help you select the fittings, finishing and lighting that best suit your lifestyle. This will improve the home’s overall value. To make sure that your budget is maximized, an architect can help with the specification and design stages.

4. Your self-builder architect will ….

Your architect will oversee the entire project from beginning to end, as well as helping you to manage the costs and the program. The architect can help you find the right builder as well as arrange and administer your contract. This contract will ensure that all building work is completed according to drawings and specifications within a specified time frame and at a fixed cost. You will only ever have to pay for work completed. The architect will inspect the building and issue certificates. A good architect will coordinate with other engineers and consultants so that all parties are on one page during the entire project.

5. Your self-builder architect will ….

As your project develops, you may need to solve various construction issues. In particular, your architect will be able prepare change orders if there are deviations from your original plan.

All architects are required by law to have professional indemnity coverage. Their insurance will cover you if something in your design causes problems down the road.

Finding the right architect

Planning and research are the key to a successful build. You should get your architect involved early to help you plan. We know it is difficult to find the right architect for your project.