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Which Bunk Bed Is Correct For My Space?

Bunk beds can be a great solution to issues with bedroom space. With a bed that is built on top of another , which can be reached by an elevated ladder, there will be space to accommodate two or three to stay in bed and still occupy the floor space of one bed. This is an ideal alternative for people with small bedrooms or who are looking to increase the amount of people who can be sleeping in a room.

But, there is an incredibly common belief that bunk beds should only be utilized in bedrooms for children and are frequently overlooked for other applications in which they could be the perfect solution. In this article we’ll go over every possible bedroom where bunk beds could be utilized in, as well as their functions and the advantages they bring. Then, we will look at the types of bunk beds that are suitable for bedrooms.

Bedrooms for children

The most commonly used application of bunk beds can be found inside bedrooms for children. Families typically choose bunk beds for children as although a child’s room may be tiny, there’s typically no space enough for their siblings to have a space that is their own, particularly for large families. To maximize the space available the bunk beds are utilized to allow children to share rooms , without sacrificing the floor space to accommodate furniture or toys.

In other scenarios the room may have enough space to accommodate two beds, but kids love the excitement having the ability to get into the bed in the evening. The excitement of having a lofty bunk bed could encourage children to make themselves at home in their bedrooms and not move to their parents’ rooms in the evening, which could provide a viable solution to difficulties with sleeping.

There are bunk beds for children to suit all ages From very tiny ones for children aged 4 and above to bigger ones for kids who are older.

Commercial space

But bunk beds aren’t only options for kids’ bedrooms. They are also a common choice in commercial spaces that are not permanent including hotels or hostels, holiday homes and AirBnbs for instance. In a commercial environment like this, it’s important to have the capacity to accommodate as many guests as you can to make the most profit. The bunk bed alternative can result in more people being able to be accommodated in one room and result in higher prices and better utilization of space.

These are geared towards families, and can also be kids’ bunk beds, however adult bunk beds are also in existence. They are bigger and stronger than kids’ bunk beds and are ideal for all people who are far from their home. It can provide greater security and convenience as opposed to sharing one bed, or needing to make use of the sofa bed which, for instance, serves as an unique selling feature for hostels and hotels.

Accommodation for specialists

Like commercial lodging and specialist accommodations, specialist accommodation usually uses adults’ bunk beds for instance in industries that have large groups of people who are away of their home for a prolonged time due to their jobs or lifestyle requirements. It could be student housing that is usually tiny and only has room for one bed. However, having an extra bed can open up the possibility of sharing rooms, thereby increasing the capacity.

Military bunk beds UK are often found in army barracks where the space to sleep for a large number of people is limited and must be utilized to the maximum extent possible.

Another option is the specialist care homes for elderly or sick individuals. Bunk beds are a great option to make room for more those who require the space as well as for caregivers to stay in the same room as those who require all-hours-of-the-day assistance.

Rooms for spare

Although it is unlikely that you will find an adult bed bunk in your room, there is a chance that you could find one in a spare room. Families who frequently have guests or have an extended family could make good use of bunk beds for adults to make the most of the space inside their living rooms. They can provide the bed to anyone who wishes to visit without having to take the air bed or leaving the sofa in place and worry about space.
What kind of bunk beds are utilized in bedrooms?


While a bunk bed is usually 2 beds in the majority of cases, you can often see single bunk beds raised above the ground, but without a bed beneath. This is the case in all the examples above and is ideal for people who require additional storage space or desk space beneath the bed. It can be useful and fashionable and is often used in student accommodations.


The most well-known kind of bunk beds is the double one that has one bed on top and another on bottom. It is a reliable solution for the bedrooms of children and adults.


To maximize the use of space Triple bunk beds are frequently employed. It can be made up of three beds in a row as well as a bed with a double at the bottom, with one bed over it. Although they are ideal for children in large families, they’re perfect for adults who have rooms where space must be conserved as well. A double bed is a great option for maximum comfort or for sleeping more people. There are triple bunk beds that have other space-saving features like the third bed that is stored in an under-bed drawer which can be removed at any time it is needed.

Heavy duty

Every bunk bed must be sturdy enough to bear the load of at least two people , so they are built using top quality wood or metal. But, specially designed bunk beds for heavy-duty use are also available made to withstand the weight of heavy objects.

They are constructed of thicker steel or solid wood , and have the same weight limit at the top and bottom which means there’s no worry about who sleeps in which bed. This gives security, especially when the person who sleeps within the room is likely to move for a specific reason, like in commercial or specialist accommodation. They can withstand a lot of usage, making them an investment that is more affordable.