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Generally accepted good tips

This is a beginner’s guide to betting on football, written by a beginner!

Certain Football Betting Terms

I thought I’d kick things with some football betting terms.

Stake – This is the amount that you bet or the amount you’re liable to lose in the event you do not win.

Accumulator – A football accumulation is a series of single bets grouped together. If one of the bets comes off and the odds are accumulated. Normally when you hear of people placing a bet of five dollars on something and winning several of thousand dollars, it’s due to the accumulators. Since every bet must win though they can be dangerous.

Handicap A bet that is offered when one team is clearly the favourite (think Brazil or your own local boys team! The handicap provides a slight disadvantage to the underdog. For instance, there may be a one-goal head start given to the underdog. I will go over Handicapping more in the next article.

Half Time/Full Time Half Time/Full-Time bet is divided in two, when you predict the winner of the first half then of the entire game. So you could predict the half-time score to be 0-0 but for that team from home to prevail through full time.

Banker – This is basically the closest thing to certainty as you can get a tipster who is certain that their bet will succeed if they view it as a banker. For instance, we provide tips for bankers to our members.

Scorecast – This is when you bet on a team who scores the opening goal, along with predicting the score.

Wincast – Similar to scorecast, however you wager on a player to score and you then guess which player will be the winner.

90 Minute Betting – This topic is discussed a lot when people bet on specific gamers (maybe as goal scorers) typically, if a player doesn’t make an appearance the bet will be canceled However, if they are in the normal 90 minutes of the game, they are eligible to place the bet.

24 Hour Rule – The majority of betting websites enforce a rule similar to this, wherein if a match is postponed the bet will be void when the game isn’t played within a 24 hour period. So for example if an event was only delayed for 2 hours, the bet would still stand.

Over/Under – Unders and Overs are when you bet on the number of goals being scored, generally, it’s either in excess or below, for example over 2.5 means there are at least 3 goals. Under 2.5 will be either 0,1 or two goals scored.

DNB The acronym stands in the form of Draw No Bet. What this means is if the result is a draw, you are able to get back the money you bet for the bet. This could be considered a safer option but you must realize that the odds are typically less when you choose this option.

Double Chance – A Double Chance bet is one in which you pick a winner and If they win, or it’s a draw, you will win the bet. When the player you chose is defeated, you forfeit the bet. Similar to DNB the odds are generally lower but it is more secure in the end.

Bankroll – how much money you’re required to put in. We’ve written more on what a bankroll is.


Handicaps were a subject that frightened the heck out of me for the longest time, so I want to take a look at them more in depth. This is such a common concern that I’ve written up a guide to the Asian handicapping as well as European handicapping.

Accumulators Vs Singles

They are two of the most popular methods of placing bets today, so I thought it would be helpful to discuss these in greater detail. It’s not a secret there is a difference. Ian prefers singles, but it doesn’t help you if you don’t know the main differences.

When you bet with an accumulator, all of your bets have to be successful so that you will be able to collect the winnings. This makes it much harder to win, but the payoff is greater. As a novice football bettor, it’s tempting to bet on accumulators because you could witness your PS10 stake grow to huge dollars pretty quickly.

Singles on the other side aren’t affected by other betting options. If I put PS10 on three games as singles and only two of them win the money, I will make with those two bets. It’s not as likely if I was to role up all my bets into an accumulator. But the odds of me walking away with some money are higher.

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The most important thing here is to determine what it right for you. The fact that some people prefer accumulators while others are single, does not mean that you have to choose the loudest sound. Conduct some research, perhaps try putting small stakes in several different options and determine what feels right and also what gave you a decent yield on investment.

Finding your way through the bookshops

One thing you’ll encounter as you start betting on football will be a variety of bookmakers, both offline and online. All will have their unique way of handling issues and will all want you to interact with them differently. It can be a daunting task, however we’ve put together guidelines on what to look out for and the best way to make your case when you believe an author has done something wrong to you.

Most commonly accepted, good tips

A guide to betting on football isn’t complete without sharing some useful tips! Here are some generally accepted tips I have gleaned from my research as well as from interviews with football tipsters!

Don’t place bets with your heart Bet with your head, instead use your heart

Don’t place bets because you want your team to be successful, rather, bet just because you think they’ll be successful!

Likewise don’t bet against teams you don’t like just because you don’t enjoy them. bet against them because you believe they will lose.

Try not to get greedy

There are two things I have been guilty of due to greed. The first being to put extra teams to an accumulator simply because it will bump up my maximum payout. It’s almost always an unwise choice!

The second thing I’ve done is placed more bets on a team that I originally intended to. It is important to have a strategy to determine how much you’re going to bet and adhere to it.

Have patience

You won’t take every bet If you wish to be successful in betting on football, you must be patient and choose the right bets for you.

Never bet more money than you are able to manage.

Before I place a bet, I consider the amount of money that I’m likely to be putting on it. I also consider, should I lose this money right now would I be okay with that. If the answer is no I’ll never place the bet.

Get help if betting on football is becoming a problem.

If you think gambling might be becoming an issue for you, my suggestion is to seek assistance. GambleAware might be worth a visit!

Don’t bet your life on the side of friends

They’re too unpredictable. you’re not sure how much effort both teams are working hard and reserve players may get an injury that you didn’t anticipate.

If the friendly matches are scheduled prior to the start of the new season (they often occur before the start of a new season) players will be very conscient of not sustaining any injuries so might not be as active as they typically do.

Know Team Motivation

What I am referring to can be that two teams could appear to be identical on paper, however if one of those teams had already secured the title, and the other team is trying to stay in the league there’s a good chance that the team looking good on paper will be on autopilot, while the team trying to keep themselves out of being relegated will be fighting for their life!

A few North American football betting terms

If you’re on our site from North America then some of the terms that I mentioned at the beginning might be difficult to understand. Here’s a quick translation.

Locks – are what we refer to as “bankers”
Parlays are what we call “accumulators”
Straight Bets – are what we refer to as “singles”
The Wagering Event are what we refer to as “fixtures”