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10 Recommendations For A Great Day At River Safari Singapore

A visit to River Safari next to Singapore Zoo is great fun, however it is important to stay away from the temptation to fall prey to “panda fever”. Below are the top ten suggestions to help you enjoy your visit to River Safari in Singapore.

1. Check out at the River Safari animals when they are active.

Start earlier in the morning so that the animals are more active. You can also go to one of the regular River Trails presentations which take place at various locations around the park. Animals get snacks during these events, so you’ll definitely be able to see them.

2. A few hours or so is enough.

Although it’s possible to extend your trip, 60 and 90 minutes ought to suffice to allow you and your family members to take advantage of this experience. It’s more convenient to book your tickets to ensure you’re at the ready the moment you arrive.

3. What do you need to bring for River Safari

A few areas of the attraction are air-conditioned, but the majority of it is outdoors. Bring a bottle of water along with sunglasses and a hat since it can become extremely hot.

4. Do not let your kids race ahead of you.

When you visit River Safari, make sure that your family is together. It’s tempting for kids to hurry ahead and forget some of the exhibits.

5. Explore the lesser-known shows at River Safari

A few of the attractions that are at the start of River Safari such as the huge fish tanks don’t appear to receive much attention in the reviews, but they’re very well-curated and interesting. Enjoy your time and take your time enjoying these, as well as the more popular attractions.

6. Do not fall prey to “panda fever”

It’s tempting to rush around River Safari to reach those famous pandas, but take your time as…

7. The pandas are likely to be asleep

Being early in the morning can boost your chances of seeing these cute animals awake , but you’re going to be extremely fortunate. Although they’re beautiful to gaze at , even in asleep The pandas might not be the highlight of your trip you’d hoped for.

8. Take the Amazon River Safari ride early. River Safari early

We rode our Amazon River Quest ride at midday, which in line with my top tip above it was probably the most dangerous time to take this adventure. The majority species were sleeping under the trees, trying to avoid the scorching midday sun, making it difficult to see them. However, there was a group of flamingos near the end of our trip that were the highlight for the Amazon River Quest ride and difficult to miss due to their stunning pink hue.

9. River Safari squirrel monkeys

We were pleasantly surprised when our family discovered that our favorite River Safari attraction wasn’t the pandas, but the squirrel monkeys who can be seen roaming freely in their enormous forest-filled enclosure. It’s possible to watch their behaviour up close while you stroll through the exhibit.

10. River Safari dugongs

Also, we enjoyed seeing manatees (or dugongs) in their massive tank. This is a perfect spot for children (and the parents) to relax and escape the heat, as the viewing area is filled with seating in the viewing areas.

Breakfast was also served to the orangutans in the next room in Singapore Zoo. If you’d like to experience a river safari as well as go to Singapore Zoo for the orangutan breakfast, it’s recommended to plan both of these activities at the same time.