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5 Reasons You Should Travel To Morocco

Are you in search of an adventure to take you on? If you’re a travel lover, we have the next destination you need to add to your bucket list.

We are constantly hearing from our guests that Morocco is among their top destinations as well as that their visit has some of the most unforgettable memories for them.

Here are 5 reasons Morocco is a wonderful holiday destination, even however, there are so many, we could write a book , not just an article on this.

1. Secure and Secure:

The primary concern people face when thinking about Morocco is the possibility that it may not be a secure country. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve described the beautiful beauty of Morocco to someone else and they’ve asked “But do you think that Morocco secure?”

After more than 10 years I am able to confidently say that it’s a secure and safe place. It is politically stable and hosts thousands of visitors and tourists each year. We’ve helped more than 1500 small groups travel to Morocco and have never had to deal with any security issues. Our guests return to their countries of origin and immediately begin to overcome the fear of travelling to Morocco.

If you are traveling through a private tour operator and you are a member of a private tour company, you will be chauffeured by a private driver or guide. They will make sure you are completely at ease and safe.

2. Unique Culture:

What else is there to stay overnight within an Berber camp in the Sahara Desert under more stars than you’ve ever seen before? Then the next day, sleep in a luxury boutique hotel (called the”riad”)?

What else is there to walk through a city that is ancient and experience the style of living that has existed for centuries and merged with modern conveniences?

Interested in Morocco tours like this? Contact our team for more information.

It’s not the type of “beach getaway” location (though there are plenty of great beaches to choose from!). It’s not a typical European city that has elegant cafes or cathedrals. It’s truly special. It’s a mix of Arab culture and the European flavour.

3. Unforgettable & Delicious Food:

I’m not even getting started on the food.

One of the toughest things of returning back home is leaving behind the delicious food. The bread, Khobz, is flat and round, and absolutely addictive. Moroccans utilize it to make silverware, so you’ll find plenty of it. I’m not sure how people can go back to white loafs of bread bought from stores when they’ve eaten fresh, homemade bread each and every day.

Tagines (sort of like stew) are so tasty. Fresh fruits, sweet cookies hot mint teas, grilling kebabs at an edge highway, cakes as well as orange juice…I’m getting hungry just contemplating it. Do you?

4. Amazing & Memorable Sights:

There’s such a vast variety of amazing places that it’s really difficult to define them.

Here are a few brief descriptions of my favorite moments that I have from Morocco trips.

…Walking through the limestone canyons of Todra Gorges. Todra Gorges…

…Being being surrounded by the gorgeous blue of Chefchaouen A entire town that’s painted blue! What do you think of? ?…

…Breathing in the movements of the Fes markets…

…Enjoying the breakfast buffet inside our Riad…

…Wandering in an old palace of a vizier within Marrakech…

…Touring through the Hassan II mosque that is built on top of the water in Casablanca…

…Swaying upon a camel across the dunes which never appear stop…

…Learning about the past and culture of Morocco with a knowledgeable Guide…

5. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming.

One final reason people love traveling to Morocco is because it is an easy country to travel to.

Direct flights are available from Casablanca at major international airports within both the United States and Europe. It is also possible to take the ferry to Spain in case you are travelling within Europe.

The people of Morocco are extremely friendly and friendly. They will most likely be eager to discuss their culture with you and will invite you to take part in various activities.