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The Best Travel Gifts For 2023

Do you have a family member or friend who’s always planning their next trip? If you’re thinking about it right now and you’re here to get some inspiration of the top gifts to give someone who travels.

In this guide to gifts for travel I’ll give several suggestions that would work for both male and female travellers. It’s likely that this won’t be the first guide you’ve opened, so you may see some similar items to those in other guides. Because, as travelers, we are awed by these guides and would enjoy receiving them from our beloved ones.

But, I’ve made sure to include as many cool and unusual travel items as I can; items that I haven’t seen mentioned in other posts. In addition, in this gift guide I’ve listed a number of environmentally-friendly presents, some of which do not require you to purchase the item in its entirety.

This list is packed with inexpensive gift ideas that won’t cost you a lot. Most guides include things like cameras or GoPro’s that are slightly more expensive. Of the course, if your lucky enough to be able to spend a larger amount on your loved ones then you can always have a glance through our camera backpacks for more expensive items for gifts.

Best Gifts for Travelers

Best Techy Presents for a traveler

1. Portable Solar or Charger An Essential Travel Gift

I’m sure that we’re all able to acknowledge that our phones are constantly on our phones nowadays. When we’re travelling and taking pictures and videos , as well as being on social media and searching Google Maps for directions. This is why it’s not surprising that the battery in our phones dies faster.

A portable charger will not just allow travelers to continue taking pictures on their mobile phones. Being able to recharge your device is essential while traveling to foreign countries. It is never known when someone will need to consult maps in order to avoid getting lost or need to take an emergency call. Therefore, giving a portable charger for your loved ones will make a great gift.

Alternatively, if your travel friend also spends a lot of time in the outdoors, you might want to consider purchasing a solar charger.

2. Travel Adapter is a present for International Travellers

Did you know there are 15 different plug and socket types in the world?

There’s no reason not to give one adapter for international travel instead of having to buy (and keep) multiple ones. These adapters are more modern and come with USB charging ports as well as a plug which means that your travel companion can charge all their gadgets at once. In Mexico, South America or Europe we’ve always been able to utilize our adapter with no issues. So, I believe this would be a very useful present for a person who travels.

3. Extension Cords – A Great present for people with a Lot of Gear

It may be thought of as the least interesting gift, but in reality, an extension cable should be an essential item in all travellers’ backpacks or suitcases. Particularly, if someone has lots of camera gear , like we do which requires charging on a daily basis. Or if your traveller friend lives in hostels with just one unintentionally placed plug. As simple as they may be however, they can be handy in many instances.

Of course, if aren’t looking to put an extension cord in a bag as an offer to someone I can totally understand. In that situation, I suggest maybe putting together a little electronic kit – a bit like a good old stocking or a combination of the idea with other innovative ideas from my list below.

4. Amazon or E-Reader – A present for entertainment

If your travel companion is also a fan of books like us, then the Kindle Fire or Kindle Paperwhite is a must when travelling. It is true that some like to bring a book during a trip of a shorter duration If they’re planning for a long-term trip, then a kindle would be a great way to save space.

We used our kindles every day during our backpacking trip whether it was in a long bus ride or a flight.

5. Apple AirTags – A Great Safety Gift

I’m sure that, after the chaos of cancelled flights and lost or undelivered luggage this year, we’re able to be in agreement that AirTags are now indispensable items for those who travel.

If you’re not aware AirTags are small devices for tracking that function as a central finder, aiding people in keeping all their personal possessions. Thus the presence of an AirTag in your checked-in suitcase will let you know precisely where your luggage is. This can be extremely useful for travelers who connect flights, as they will be able to always see if their bags made it to the flight or not. Also, if the bag didn’t arrive, then you can determine where it’s located, which will be much less stressful than trying to locate it with the airport staff.

It is true that these gadgets are also useful if your backpack is damaged or is stolen. I read an article in which one person was able to trace their belongings to a person’s home after it got stolen.

AirTags work best if you have an iPhone, you can also try Galaxy SmartTag if you use Android.

Best Eco Friendly travel gifts

Here’s a list of presents that don’t need the purchase of an item , and also items that will help them avoid using excessive plastic, making them the top green gifts you can give to a tourist.

6. Pure Water Water Bottle – The Most Environmentally Friendly Present

Recycling single-use plastics is more crucial than ever. So reusable water bottles are always a wonderful present for travelers (and to anyone else, for this matter).

However, in case your recipient a gift for is visiting the country in which drinking tap water isn’t considered safe, then you could present them with a water purifying bottle, like WaterWell. These bottles can also be ideal for outdoor enthusiasts as they are able to refill their bottles and drink safe water.

I also think it’s crucial to point out that the WaterWell mission isn’t just about profit. Their goal is to engage their community in supporting a wide range of worthy humanitarian and environmental causes. For example, they plant a tree for every order, which is a great idea.

7. Tote Bag A Fantastic Gift to Reduce Plastic Waste

Tote bags might seem like something to add on your luggage but we affirm that they can be utilized for a variety of purposes.

A traveler could use it for grocery shopping which will automatically reduce the waste of plastic. We have used these bags for beach bags or an extra bag that had all our food and drinks for long bus rides.

8. Give a Tree as a Gift – The ideal present to make the Earth Greener

Speaking of tree planting Is it not time to give a tree to your traveller?

A gift of a tree will likely be an unexpected but special present. I think that we can all acknowledge that trees are essential to making our planet greener by purifying the air, increasing the diversity of our ecosystem and stopping soil erosion. At Treedom you can pick from a wide selection from different varieties of trees which will be planted by farmers from the local area.

The gift of a tree will not only be a unique gift for your loved ones but it’ll provide environmental, social and financial benefits for many communities.

9. An Experience Gift – A Fun, Memorable Gift

Gifting an experience is definitely the most memorable kind of gift. While physical objects can be damaged, misused, or lost No one can remove the memory of an experience.

If you’re aware that your beloved travel buddy is headed somewhere You can always delight them with an exciting thing to do. It’s not just a way to spend a few bucks however, every time they think about that amazing event, they’ll also be reminded of you. Additionally, you could purchase a joint item and will create lasting memories together.

Best Accessories for a Traveller

10. Camera Bag – A Must-Have for Photographers

If your travel family member likes photography, then they’re likely to bring a large amount of camera equipment. Making videos on Our YouTube Channel and taking photos for our travel blog, we certainly have our fair share of expensive gadgets with us. It is essential to store it in a secure, but efficient method.

We carried our camera backpack every day while backpacking, however, we prefer our smaller shoulder bags when moving closer to home with less gear.

11. Day Backpack – A Gift to any Traveler

I believe backpacks make ideal gifts for anyone who travels. They can be utilized as hand luggage on planes or for trips for a day.

If you’re after a more eco-friendly backpack, then I would suggest Hemp & Hope which is a clothing line that is sustainable, which I came across by chance and I fell in love with. They create all their bags and clothing from Scotland, UK and have them made in Nepal.

The hemp they use is picked then spun into yarn by the women living in Baglung and Bajura Villages within the Himalayan mountains. It is then taken through Kathmandu and Pokhara to be transformed into their goods.

I carried mine through many countries during our backpacking trip , and I stuffed everything , except for the kitchen sink in it. And after an entire year of use, it’s in the same condition as it was when I received it.

12. Fanny Pack or Bag Bag or Money Belt A Must-Have Item for Safety

Although not the most unique present on earth, the bum bag or belt will be an extremely practical item for anyone who travels.

Pickpockets are everywhere , no matter where you go. Therefore, keeping your valuables , like travel cards, money and phones close to you is vital. We carry a bum bag and money belt whenever we travel . We are secure knowing that we can keep all of our valuable belongings in our pockets.

13. Beach Towel – One of the coolest Travel Gift Ever

If you’d like to have your family member or friend from travel to be the coolest person at the beach, then it’s time to get the Awesome Maps’ beach towels. While I’m not a beach person the towel actually inspires me to get out and lay in the sand for an hour.

I think this beach towel would be a fantastic conversation to start a conversation. So, if your traveller is on a solo adventure, I’m sure they’ll make friends right away.

It’s lightweight, quick dry and is also sand-resistant. You can pick from a generic bucket list world map, or more specific ones, for example, hiking or diving ones. If this isn’t a cool and unique physical present to a traveler, then I don’t know what is.

14. Dry Bag is a great protection for Water Lover

In keeping with the theme of water A great idea for a gift for the traveler is a dry bag.

Dry bags are totally waterproof, and its main purpose is to keep belongings dry during water activities. When it comes to kayaking, canyoning, water parks, or just going on a boat to keep electronics as well as other valuable things like cash dry makes this bag super practical.

15. Scarf Sarong, Scarf and Headscarf The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Present

A big blanket scarf , or sarong will come in handy to any female traveller friends or relatives. It’s probably the only thing that I use for so many purposes that I could not imagine leaving home without it.

A large scarf was my blanket or pillow on numerous overnight buses in Mexico as well as South America. It was also part of my daypack each day on our journeys across Turkey in case I had to cover my head and shoulders. It’s always a good choice to cover your head in the event of a colder weather.

Bandanas became another staple during my travels. A head scarf isn’t just an amazing accessory, it also kept my head cool in hotter places , or prevent my hair from getting caught in windy conditions.

Final Thoughts on Top Traveler’s Gifts

I hope you enjoyed scrolling through this gift guide and got some inspiration from it. I think travellers who are also committed to the environment will love to receive any of the above travel-related gifts.